Pokémon VGC World Championships

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A culmination of a long-fought year of Pokémon VGC battles, the Pokémon World Championships is each season's biggest and most prestigious event! Thousands of players globally battle and train hard every year for the opportunity to compete and hopefully win the World Championships, the one goal every player shares.

This article will go through the history of the Pokémon VGC World Championships and showcase past World Championships results. Check each event's results to see the players and teams have managed to do well at previous World Championships and information about the teams that players used if available.

Worlds History

First held under the name Video Game Showdown, 2008 marks the first year the Pokémon video games were featured at the World Championships! This event was a single-elimination tournament that featured players from the United States and Japan and was won by Japanese player Izuru Yoshimura.

2009 would be the first official year for Pokémon VGC, with the World Championships being held every year except for 2020 and 2021, which were canceled due to COVID-19. The World Championships have primarily been held in the United States, though sometimes in other countries. In 2013 players traveled to Canada, in 2022 players traveled to London for the first World Championships in Europe, and in 2023 players traveled to Yokohama for the first World Championships in Japan.

Worlds Prizing

Prizing at the 2024 World Championships is not based on attendance.


Prize Money











Past World Championships

Championships Teams

These teams and players have managed to win the World Championships! Thanks to a combination of impressive play and how these players built and trained their Pokémon, these players fought hard to hold up the championship trophy, and called themselves World Champions!


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