Pokémon VGC Resources

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Are you looking to get into Pokémon VGC or get better at the game but don't know where to find resources? Then you've come to the right place! Throughout this article, you'll find great resources from articles, content creators, and websites that will help make sure you can find the best links to improve your VGC game.

Websites and Tools

  • Babiri  Records the top 100 teams on Pokémon Showdown for VGC 2021 every day.
  • Damage Calculator  This allows you to optimize your EV Spreads by seeing how much damage a Pokémon takes from an attack and how much damage an attack will do.
  • Liberty Note  A VGC website that's dedicated to Japanese players and their community.
  • Limitless VGC  Includes a detailed history of previous VGC tournaments and players.
  • Nugget Bridge  Highly quality VGC articles and team reports from 2012 to 2015.
  • Pikalytics  A website compiling usage stats from both Pokémon Showdown and online ranked battles.
  • Pokémon Liquidpedia The official Pokémon wiki on Liquidpedia for both VGC and TCG.
  • Pokémon Showdown  An online battle simulator that allows players to battle and test teams without the need to breed them for both VGC and Smogon.
  • r/VGC  A VGC-focused subreddit, primarily moderated by Aaron Traylor.
  • Smogon VGC  A subforum dedicated to VGC on the most popular competitive Pokémon website.
  • Trainer Tower  A spiritual successor to Nugget Bridge designed to pick up where they left off.
  • VGC Stats  A VGC website that collects top teams from all tiers of events to track usage of all Pokémon in current and older formats.
  • Victory Road  A VGC website in English and Spanish features real-time event coverage, team report, and event results.

Content Creators and Podcasts

Not all channels may be currently active, but do contain helpful, informative, and entertaining content for players of all skill level.

Event Streams

Follow these accounts to watch some of the game's best players battle it out from the local to the national stage.
  • CriticalHitGG – YouTube | Twitch
  • Pokémon – Twitch
  • Pokémon VGC – Twitch
  • Pokémon VGC Europe – Twitch
  • Summit City Gym – Twitch (Streams Midwest events)
  • Liberty Garden – Twitch (Streams East Coast events)
  • Pokémon Labs – Twitch (Streams West Coast events)
  • Portugal Battle League – Twitch (Streams Portugal's events)

Facebook and Discord

  • Chicago VGC  A Discord server dedicated to Chicago's VGC community, but open to players of all backgrounds.
  • Joco's Chilling Lounge  A Discord server created by Jocario to promote his Twitch that has evolved into a general community hangout.
  • Pokémon VGC Group  The largest Facebook group dedicated to Pokémon VGC, owned by Trainer Tower.
  • SoCal VGC  A Discord server dedicated to Southern California's VGC community, but open to players of all backgrounds.
  • UK & Ireland VGC  A Facebook group dedicated to VGC players that live in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Pokémon VGC Coaching

The following VGC players are offering coaching sessions where at different prices, they can help you improve in areas in your game and overall become a better player. Check their accomplishments and schedule your coaching session today!
  • Aaron Traylor (Unreality)  2015 St. Louis Regional Champion, 2nd Place 2016 US Nationals, Top 8 2016 World Championships, Top 16 2019 World Championships, 2020 Dallas Regional Champion
  • Alex Arand (Azulite)  Top 8 2018 Collinsville Regionals, Top 16 2018 Toronto Regionals, Top 4 2019 Collinsville Regionals, Top 4 2020 Costa Rica Special Event, Top 4 2020 Collinsville Regionals
  • Alexander Kuhn (Hibiki) – Top 4 2015 Würzbürg Regionals, Top 4 2016 Arnhem Regionals, Top 4 2016 Perganziol Regionals, Top 16 2016 German Nationals, Top 64 2016 World Championships
  • Eduardo Cunha (Edu)  Top 4 2016 World Championships, 2017 Madrid Special Event Champion, 2019 Oceania International Champion, Top 16 2019 World Championships, 2nd Place 2020 Oceania Internationals, 2nd Place Champions Cup
  • Joseph Ugarte (JoeUX9)  2020 Portland Regional Champion, Top 16 Players Cup Finals, VR Tundra Challenge Champion, Top 16 Players Cup III Global Finals
  • Melvin Keh (Shaman) – 1st Place 2017 Malaysia Special Event, 1st Place 2018 Hong Kong Open, Top 4 2018 Latin American Internationals, Top 8 2019 North American Internationals, Top 16 2018 World Championships, 1st Place 2019 Singapore Special Event, Top 8 2019 Latin American Internationals, Top 4 2019 European Internationals, Top 8 2019 North American Internationals, Top 16 2019 World Championships
  • Paul Chua (Pwny Person) – 6x Regional Champion, Top 8 2013 Seniors World Championships, Top 16 2015 US Nationals, 2nd Place 2017 North American Internationals, Top 4 2018 North American Internationals, Top 16 2018 World Championships
  • Paul Ruiz (Ralfdude) – 1st Place 2016 Peru Regionals, Top 4 2017 World Championships, 2018 World Champion, Top 4 2019 Latin American Internationals, Top 16 2019 Oceania Internationals, 3rd Place Players Cup 25th Anniversary Invitational
  • Wolfe Glick (Wolfey) – 6x Regional Champion, 2011-2012 US National Champion, 2nd Place 2012 World Championships, 2016 World Champion, 2019 North American International Champion, Players Cup 2 Champion

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