Pokémon Announces the 2020 DC Open

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It was just announced that during the 2019 Pokémon World Championships, a side event called the DC Open will take place. Like during the 2015, 2017, and 2018 World Championships, this event is a Regional-level event designed to give players a jump start on their path to earning an invite to the 2020 World Championships!

Players who are eliminated from Day 1 of the World Championships will have the option to compete in the DC Open and players who pre-registered for the Open but were able to make it to Day 2 of the World Championships will have the option to have their registration and entry fee refunded. The DC Open will run on Saturday during Day 2 of the World Championships so you will not be able to participate in multiple events at once.


The DC Open's entry fee is $30 for Masters Division players and $15 for Juniors and Seniors Divison players. Keep in mind that to compete, you will also need to purchase a spectator badge as well.
  • Pokémon DC Open Registration Links (TCG | VGC)
  • Pokémon World Championships Spectator Badge Link (Here)
 A Spectator Badge is required to be able to enter the venue halls but players who qualified for the World Championships can use their competitor badge as a substitute. 

Tournament Information

VGC Players will use the 2019 Ultra Series rules format for the DC Open. For players unfamiliar with the rules, this means 2 Restricted Pokémon at most per team with the Red/Blue Orbs, Mega Stones, and all Z-Moves available to use. Players will need to have their battle teams locked before they can play. This will take place from 9-9:30 am on August 17 inside Halls D and E of the Walter E. Washington Convention Center. Team sheets will also be collected during this process.

All players will need to be seated for the player meeting at 9:30 am in Halls D and E. Players not present at the meeting will risk being dropped from the event. Round 1 will be started right after the player meeting concludes.

The DC Open for Juniors, Seniors, and Masters will use the tournament structure associated with Regionals and Special Events. This means Swiss Rounds will take place and Saturday with Top Cut happening on Sunday. All Rounds are Best of 3 with 50 minute per round and 3 additional turns at the end if needed.

Championship Points Payout

200 CP
160 CP
130 CP
100 CP
80 CP
60 CP
50 CP
40 CP
30 CP
* – Kickers mean the number of players required for those Championship Points to be awarded. For example, if over 200 players are in attendance, then Top 64 players will earn at least 50 CP.


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