Pokemon Announces the 2019 Nashville Open

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(Link to official page)
(Link to the VGC Registration Page)

Recently, Pokemon has announced the 2019 Nashville Open that will take place during the 2018 World Championships. Like the Boston Open that happened during the World Championships in 2015 and the Anaheim that happened during the World Championships in 2017, this event will be a great chance for players to both have something interesting to do during the event besides watching matches and socializing, but also give players a chance to have an early chance to start their journey for an invite to the 2019 World Championships as this event will give out Regionals level Championship Points to the top finishers.

The page notes that to compete, you will need a spectator pass which can be purchased online in advance for $10 USD, but passes are limited so be sure to buy one as soon as possible. Passes will come with 2 booster packs. Each person is allowed to buy 6 passes at one time which should be more than enough for a party.

August 1st Update - To compete, you will need to purchase the $30 entry fee, which the link to do so is shown in this article.  The tournament structure for this event will use use Swiss rounds minus 1 round. This means if there's 150 players entered which in a normal event means you play 8 rounds of Swiss, you will instead only play 7 rounds of Swiss. 

The tournament will also do Top Cut differently. What will happen is if there's enough players for a Top Cut of 8 players, everyone who finishes with the same Swiss record as the #8 ranked player will also qualify for the Top Cut portion of this event on Sunday. Sunday will be single-elimination Best of 3 matches and based on the number of players in Top Cut, the top finishers in Swiss will earn a bye in Top Cut.

Championship Points Table

Championship Points (CP)
Kickers (# of Players)
3rd – 4th
5th – 8th
9th – 16th
17th – 32nd
33rd – 64th
65th – 128th
129th – 256th

This page will be updated in the future once more information about the Nashville Open including the Championship Points structure and information of how the tournament will run, so check back to the NimbasaCityPost for updates!

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  1. My sons ages 15 and 13 in the Nashville open. Will my husband and I be able to enter?


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