Hi and welcome to a new little series on the blog. I will be covering Mega Evolutions and Pokemon that I have used and think are viable in this format. Today, I'll be talking about Mega Blastoise. Ever since Blastoise got a Mega Evolution, its viability in VGC has gone up a lot. Upon mega evolving, it gains a massive boost to its Sp. Attack, which brings up to base 135. That and the Mega Launcher ability, which powers up all aura and pulse moves, and you have a threat. It also gets some really good moves that work with its ability, including Water Pulse, Aura Sphere, Dragon Pulse, Dark Pulse, and even Heal Pulse. It's also very bulky. With 79 HP, 120 Defense, and 115 Sp. Defense, it'll be taking multiple hits with the right investment.

Notable Moves to run on Mega Blastoise

1. Water Pulse
2. Hydro Pump
3. Flash Cannon
4. Ice Beam
5. Scald
6. Protect
7. Dark Pulse
8. Aura Sphere
9. Dragon Pulse
10. Fake Out
11. Water Spout
12. Icy Wind
As you can see, Mega Blastoise has multiple moves it can effectively run. Now let's talk about some sets that have proven themselves to work

Simon Yip’s and Randy Kwa’s  2014 US Nationals set

Blastoise @ Blastoisinite
Ability: Torrent -> Mega Launcher
EVs – 4 HP, 252 Sp. Attack, 252 Speed
Modest Nature for Simon, Timid Nature for Randy
1. Water Spout
2. Aura Sphere
3. Protect
4. Ice Beam

This is probably one of the best sets I've seen from that season and the team that supported it. The supporting cast was Talonflame, Amoonguss, Salamence, Tyranitar, and Lucario. The team was solely designed to support Mega Blastoise and its use of Water Spout. Since Water Spout is a move that does less damage the weaker you are. Rage Powder support from Amoonguss helped keep it healthy while Tailwind from Talonflame kept it fast to do its job. Randy Kwa's team on the other hand, used support Dark Void Smeargle. I'm not going to go into to much detail about Randy’s team as he has made a article detailing the team.

Randy Kwa’s team report: http://nuggetbridge.com/reports/long-shot-dark-us-nationals-16th-place-report/

My Mega Blastoise spread

Blastoise @ Blastoisinite
Ability: Torrent -> Mega Launcher
EVs: 100 HP, 68 Defense, 252 Sp. Attack, 72 Sp. Defense
Modest Nature
1. Water Pulse
2. Aura Sphere
3. Ice Beam
4. Protect
This is my personal spread and I welcome you try it out for yourself as it’s a very bulky build that can also dish out huge chunks of damage. It takes Thunderbolt from the most offensive forms of Thundurus and Double Edge from Mega Kangaskhan and Mega Salamence. Aura Sphere killing Mega Kangaskhan is a roll as its not guaranteed. This spread relies on team support. I found that Cresselia and Thundurus/Zapdos are good partners. Cresselia because of Helping Hand to increase its power and help with Icy Wind support. Thundurus/Zapdos because of reliable Thunder Wave support from Thundurus and Tailwind support from Zapdos.

Overall, Mega Blastoise is a solid Mega Evolution to use and highly recommend you try it out in the future

I thought I post this to not only help me with this knowledge, but to also help you if you want to see it. This is the system that all sanctioned Pokemon tournaments run by the Pokemon Company will use for the VGC tournaments in the 2015-2016 season.

This Point System will be be used at the following tournaments

  • Select Online Competitions
  • Premier Challenges
  • Premier Challenges with 65 or more players will receive elevated status and award more points
  • Midseason Showdowns
  • Regional Championships
  • National Championships

Points Required to Qualify for the World Championships

Information regarding the point qualification system for the 2016 World Championships in San Francisco, CA will be released at a later time. I will update this once this information is revealed.

Understanding the Championship Point System

Each Championship Series event will have a Best Finish Limit. This is the maximum number that can be count for that series, with higher-scoring placing lower scores. For example, if you in 8 Premier Challenge events, only your 6 best placing will be counted.


Play Points Received: 1
Best Finish Limit: (shared with VGC Premier Challenge (Elevated)): 6
Championship Points
1                               45
2                               40
3-4                            36
5-8                            32
9-16                          26
17-32                        16
33-64                        10
65-128                      6
129-256                     3


Play Points - 2
Best Finish Limit (shared with Online Competitions and VGC Premier Challenge (Elevated)): 6
Championship Points


1                               30.                          0
2                               20.                          0
3-4                            14                           8
5-8                            8.                           16
9-16                          2.                            32

VGC PREMIER CHALLENGE (Elevated: 40 or more total players)

Play Points: 2
Best Finish Limit: (shared with Online Competitions and VGC Premier Challenge): 6
Championship Points


1                               30.                              0
2                               27                              0
3-4                            24                          0
5-8                            21                          0
9-16                          18                          0
17-32.                       12.                        64
33-64.                       6.                          128
65-128.                     4.                          256


Play Points: 3
Best Finish Limit: (shared with VGC Regional Championship): 3
Championship Points


1                               90                                 0
2                               80                                 0
3-4                            72                                0
5-8                            64.                               0
9-16                          54.                              32
17-32.                       34                               64
33-64                         20                             128
65-128                      12                              256


Play Points: 3
Best Finish Limit: (shared with VGC Miseason Showdown): 3
Championship Points


1                               150                        0
2                                135                       0
3-4                            120.                       0
5-8                            105                        0
9-16                          92                         32
17-32                        56.                        64
33-64                        34                        128
65-128                      20                        256


Play Points: 5
Best Finish Limit: 5
Championship Points


1                               600                             0
2                               540                             0
3-4                           480                             0
5-8                           420                             0
9-16                         366                             0
17-32                       222                             64
33-64                       132                             128
65-128                     84                               256
129-256                   48                               512


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