Hi everybody. Welcome to Pokemon Spotlight, where we shine a spotlight on a Pokemon each time and try to do our best with what we can do. Today, the spotlight is going to be on Rayquaza. Rayquaza has some amazing things it can do, as well as being a mini-boss in Super Smash Bros. Brawl during the Subspace Emissary, which is great. Without further ado, this is Pokemon Spotlight #7: Rayquaza. Let's start with base stats.

105 HP           150 Sp. Attack
150 Attack       90 Sp. Defense
90 Defense       95 Speed

Rayquaza has some pretty simple stats. For its defenses 105/90/90 are pretty frail which means that your Rayquaza will have to accept its fraility. 150/150 for offenses are really great since you can either go physical, special, or mixed as an attacker and still do well. 95 speed is awkward since why you outspeed the Primals, you Speed tie with Kyurem and are outspeed by Xerneas which means Speed control is very important for Rayquaza to do its job.

Mega Rayquaza
105 HP            180 Sp. Defense
180 Attack       100 Sp. Defense
100 Defense     115 Speed

After Mega Evolving, Rayquaza gets some strong stat increases. 105/100/100 for defenses are amazing. It also has the same defense stats as Mega Kangaskhan, but it uses them in different ways. 180/180 for offensive stats are just amazing since like normal Rayquaza, you can go mixed or physical since your forced into having Dragon Ascent in your moveset, but the move still hits hard. Overall, Rayquaza has some strong stats for a strong offensive presence to match with some good bulk. Now, here's some Generation Showdown top 10 moves and items for Rayquaza. But first, I wanna talk about the abilities Rayquaza has access to in normal form and after Mega Evolution.
  1. Air Lock - Air Lock is a fantastic ability for Rayquaza. Being able to switch into P-Kyogre and P-Groudon to take away their weather as long as your on the field is great. It does what those Golduck did at the very beginning of this meta, but a lot better as well. It also means that you can essentially control the weather since if you decide to Mega Evolve your Rayquaza if that's an option, then you can control the weather war.
  2. Delta Stream - After Mega Evolving, Rayquaza drops Air Lock as an ability to gain the amazing Delta Stream ability. Being able to totally take away the weaknesses that Flying types have from those Flying types on the field is great since it makes Pokemon like Togekiss and the genies a lot more threatening when it's harder to take them out. It also feels like you can reliably follow the Jon Hu method where you cover up those 3 flying types with Delta Stream. It also makes Rayquaza a lot bulkier and better.
Top 10 moves from Generation Showdown

  1. Dragon Ascent -- 99.3%
  2. Extreme Speed -- 83.2%
  3. Protect -- 50.3%
  4. Earthquake -- 27.3%
  5. Draco Meteor -- 25%
  6. Dragon Dance -- 24.3%
  7. Dragon Claw -- 21.4%
  8. V-create -- 12.1% (Only obtainable from a Gen 5 event)
  9. Waterfall -- 11.4% 
  10. Outrage -- 8.7%
  11. Other Moves -- 36.8%
  12. None -- .2% 
  13. Other Options: Earth Power, Fire Blast, Water Pulse, Tailwind, Swords Dance
Top 10 Items from Generation Showdown
  1. Life Orb -- 53.3%
  2. Focus Sash -- 12.1%
  3. Lum Berry -- 11.3%
  4. Choice Band -- 6.6%
  5. Weakness Policy -- 3.2%
  6. White Herb -- 2.3%
  7. Assault Vest -- 2%
  8. Choice Scarf -- 1.7%
  9. Haban Berry -- 1.5%
  10. Yache Berry -- 1.2%
  11. Other Items -- 4.8%
  12. None -- .1%
As you can see Rayquaza will generally run Dragon Ascent to Mega Evolve, Extreme Speed for priority, a powerful dragon move, set-up, and/or a coverage move for the team. The item is heavily dependent on the way you wanna use your Rayquaza. Now, instead of a moveset video, I wanna try to add a sample set. The meta has developed enough to allow this. I will also make a new blog post to document some sample sets for the past Pokemon that we did a Spotlight for.

John Hu's Rayquaza
Rayquaza-Mega @ Life Orb
Ability: Delta Stream
EVs: 4 HP / 252 SpA / 252 Spe
Naive Nature
- Dragon Ascent
- Draco Meteor
- Earth Power 
- Protect

This is the Rayquaza that Jon Hu used to win a Brooklyn Premier Challenge that had more than 10 people who competed at Worlds at one point in time or more. Since I got this set from the team analysis video he did with Aaron Zheng, who he beat in the finals. It's a pretty simple Rayquaza set that is designed to hit hard and do it well. Something that Jon noted that is very cool is that when using Mega Rayquaza that's holding a Life Orb, it's a good idea to have a 29 HP IV to reduce the amount of recoil damage from your Life Orb. Draco Meteor is his special Dragon move to take advantage of that 180 Sp. Attack. Earth Power was here as an answer for taking out P-Groudon that lack bulk. He also mentions that a Hasty nature would be more preferred on this Rayquaza since Rayquaza can take special Ice and Fairy moves a little better.

Partners for Rayquaza
  1. proxy?url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.pokestadium.cclefairy.pngTogekiss and Clefairy can use Follow Me to help Rayquaza set up and make it a bigger threat. Other Follow Me and redirection users are also lumped into this spot, but Togekiss and Clefairy are the 2 most notable Pokemon.
  2. proxy?url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.teammagma.netproxy?url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.teammagma.net It pulls a nice double-weather team combo that is hard to stop once it starts. I'm honestly not sure about this one so any help on why this is a popular idea, that would really be awesome.
  3. proxy?url=http%3A%2F%2Fpldh.net%2Fmedia%proxy?url=http%3A%2F%2Fpldh.net%2Fmedia% They can take advantage of the lack of a flying weakness to make them a bigger threat. Actually, now that I think about it, Tornadus under Delta Stream has no weaknesses, so this spot can technically be any flying type.

How to beat Rayquaza
  1. proxy?url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.teammagma.net If you can survive an Dragon Ascent, then 1 Ice Beam will put Rayquaza to sleep.
  2. proxy?url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.pokestadium.c Same as Kyogre, survive a Dragon Ascent and either a Dazzling Gleam or Moonblast will work.

Now the spotlight that we've shined one Rayquaza is done. I hoped you enjoyed it. I'll see you next time when we shine the Spotlight on another Pokemon and use that time the best we can. Bye.

Hey everyone. Welcome to the Pokemon Spotlight, where we'll shine the light on a Pokemon you'll encounter so you'll know how to deal with them. Today, we'll be shining that light on Mewtwo. Mewtwo is a very famous Pokemon, getting a main part in 3 Pokemon movies, appearing in 2 Smash Bros. games, and getting 2 Mega Evolutions too his name. But in all seriousness, Mewtwo is an awesome Pokemon that has some cool things he can do. Let's see how cool they actually are by checking out the Base Stats for Mewtwo and both of its forms.

106 HP         154 Sp. Attack
110 Attack     90 Sp. Defense
90 Defense   130 Speed

Normal Mewtwo has some amazing stats. 106/90/90 isn't as bulky as it could be, but Mewtwo isn't mean to take hits, it's meant to dish out damage, and with 110/154 for those offenses, you'll most certainly be doing that very well.
Tip: Slap a Life Orb and you can do more damage than both of it's Mega Evolutions.

Mega Mewtwo X
106 HP          154 Sp. Attack
190 Attack    120 Sp. Defense
100 Defense  130 Speed

Upon Mega Evolving into Mega Mewtwo X, Mewtwo gets some nice stat gains. 106/100/120 for its defenses are pretty nice since Mewtwo can take hits better, then use its impressive 190/120 offensive stats to cause some amazing damage to take out threats. 130 is very fast for Mewtwo since it speed ties with Mega Gengar, which is amazing since it'll be using moves first, but will fail under Trick Room cause of its speed.

Mega Mewtwo Y
106 HP         194 Sp. Attack
150 Attack    120 Sp. Defense
70 Defense    140 Speed

Mega Mewtwo Y is very interesting. 106/70/120 is pretty average, but also very nice from a sweeping perspective, but I have a problem with the fact that M-Mewtwo-Y loses 20 points of defense when it Mega Evolves, which makes it a big issue when facing down M-Kangaskhan since you'll be taking more damage, and probably getting dropped in 1 hit, which means Intimidate users like Lando-T for a P-Groudon answer, and M-Mawile for a cool double Mega option. Overall, Mewtwo has some strong stats and I recommend trying them out. Now, let's hit those top 10 moves and items from the Generation Showdown.

Top 10 moves from the Generation Showdown

  1.  Psystrike -- 75.3%
  2. Aura Sphere -- 53.2%
  3. Ice Beam -- 44.7%
  4. Protect -- 28.4%
  5. Shadow Ball -- 24.2%
  6. Recover -- 12.1%
  7. Psychic -- 11.6%
  8. Fire Blast -- 11.1%
  9. Grass Knot -- 8.4%
  10. Calm Mind -- 7.9%
  11. Other Moves -- 123.2%
Top 10 items from the Generation Showdown
  1. Mewtwonite Y -- 42.6%
  2. Life Orb -- 18.4%
  3. Mewtwonite X -- 16.3%
  4. Choice Specs -- 6.3%
  5. Assault Vest -- 2.1%
  6. Focus Sash -- 2.1%
  7. Lum Berry -- 2.1%
  8. Choice Scarf -- 1.6%
  9. Light Clay -- 1.1%
  10. Expert Belt -- 1.1%
  11. Other Moves -- 6.3%
As you can see, Mewtwo has some awesome moves it can use, mostly because it has access to every TM, HM, and tutor move expect the starter moves and Draco Meteor, which means it the easiest Pokemon to put a coverage move that your team may need. For the item, I recommend just going for an offensive item since Mewtwo is a Pokemon that likes to do damage. Now, if you know the drill, here's a Mewtwo moveset video.
Partners for Mewtwo
  1. Intimidate Users -- Since Mewtwo is a very frail Pokemon, Intimidate users like Lando-T and M-Mawile can be really nice since they can help Mewtwo take moves better.
  2. Fairy Types -- Fairy types like Xerneas can handle the Dark types like Yveltal to give Mewtwo an easier time on the field.
How to beat Mewtwo
  1. M-Kangaskhan - Strong physical moves can easily deal with Mewtwo's lackluster physical defense.
  2. Strong Damage - Since Mewtwo doesn't have bulk to its name, then doing big damage to Mewtwo can take it out easily and give your opponent some issues.
I hoped you enjoyed this. Let me know your opinions and if you want, follow me on Twitter @KurokyneVGC. I'll see you next time with another Pokemon Spotlight for VGC2016. I'll see you next time. Bye!

Hey people. I thought that since the last Restricted Legend tier list on the NB forums didn't turn out as well in the public eye (no offense to the dude who made it), I though I try my hand at one. Because I had trouble with it at first, I looked to Ray Rizzo's tier list he made at the very beginning of the season, which helped out a lot. If you have any opinions on how it should be, then voice your opinions in the fabulous comment section as I love to read comments. Without further ado, here it is. I will put the tier, followed by a brief description on my reasoning behind each decision. Let's start. 

S+ Tier: groudon-primalxerneas
Reason -- P-Groudon has impressive stats, good physical bulk though lackluster Sp. Defense. For a moveset, the ability to go for a Special, Physical or Mixed set and still succeed is impressive, which is why it's this high. Xerneas is this high because it can use 1-turn Geomancy when holding the Power Herb to get + 2 in Sp. Attack, Sp. Defense, and Speed. After that, there's not much that can beat it. Even without those boosts, it still sports an impressive 131 Sp. Attack stat and solid defenses that allow it to be a force to be reckoned with. 

S Tier: dialgakyogre-primal
Reason -- I think this is where Dialga should be. The reason is that I mainly think of the 2010 set where Dialga would set up Trick Room for its team. I still feel like that could be a good idea since one of the biggest threats, Xerneas can't really touch Dialga and Dialga can freely Trick Room or go for Flash Cannon. Combine that with a vast movepool of things it doesn't need, but could enjoy and you have a strong threat. The other member is P-Kyogre. I may be a little bias but P-Kyogre is amazing. While it's movepool may be pretty shallow, it does get some nice moves on the Special side like Origin Pulse, Scald, Ice Beam, Thunder, and Water Spout. Good bulk and a nice Speed stat with good offensive power makes P-Kyogre a high tier threat.

A Tier: rayquaza-mega
Reason -- Even though M-Rayquaza isn't as strong as people thought it would be, it still certainly is strong. A great ability in Delta Stream that makes Rayquaza bulkier than ever, combined with the base defense stats of M-Kangaskhan, though it uses them differently. A vast movepool and the ability to use fire and water moves to handle the Primals, as well as strong offensive stats to 1HKO or 2HKO most of the format is great. The problem is the reliance on its ability makes it pretty reliant on Pokemon that can keep its weather up so it can spread its destruction is why I placed it in A tier.

B Tier: palkiamewtwo-mega-yho-ohyveltal 
Reason: Palkia is a Pokemon that has a great defensive typing in Water/Dragon. It's mostly here cause I agree that when Ray put it in the B tier wild card slot, I saw nothing wrong with it. That's also why M-Mewtwo Y is here. Ho-Oh is here because the standard P-Groudon set and P-Groudon in general. It's also has some amazing bulk, being able to take hits and has some supportive potential with Recover and Safeguard. Yveltal is here because of its ability Dark Aura which can help its team out. A good way to do that is to use Sucker Punch from M-Mawile to get the Dark Aura boost. You can also Swagger foes so Yveltal can get boosted Foul Plays for total destruction.

C Tier:  giratinalugiamewtwo-mega-x
Reason -- The Giratina forms are interesting because they can wall M-Kangaskhan if it has the standard set.  Lugia is a very bulky support Pokemon that can take hits and dish out hits, though it won't be as strong since even if it uses Calm Mind, it won't be doing major damage. M-Mewtwo X is cool cause of its  Steadfast ability so Kang can flinch it, and it'll get faster. A strong physical movepool can make it a threat, if it has a better physical movepool, but what can you do. I never seen Reshiram but I can agree with Ray on this one. Zekrom can OHKO P-Kyogre with Fusion Bolt and has supportive aspects with Tailwind. Kyurem-W is here because even though it has a bad defensive typing and is slower than Xerneas, it can pull off some nice tricks with powerful moves that can leave the opponent wondering why it tried to take down Kyurem-W.

D Tier: mewtwo
Reason -- Mewtwo is mostly down here because while it's not the strongest it's good enough to get out of F but not good enough for C.  Kyurem-B is down here because even though it lacks a physical Ice move, it's strong enough as a Mixed attacker and definitely not F status.

F Tierkyuremkyogre rayquazagroudon
Reason -- These 5 are just bad. Heavily outclassed by their far superior forms that make these guys just not worth using. Zygarde on the other hand is in a level of bad far from the other 4. Bad stats, the only viable Dragon moves is Dragon Tail and Outrage which are just bad.  Weak and outclassed by Garchomp who is outclassed by Landorus-T. Just don't use them. In Zygarde's case, just wait for its 100% form to be released for Zygarde to be better.

Thanks. Follow me on Twitter @KurokyuneVGC for updates. Leave your opinions in comment section below. See you next time

Hey everyone. After our Xerneas, I thought it's high-time I hit the Pokemon that is the opposite of death after going for the life Pokemon. Yveltal is a very cool Pokemon, being able to use its ability, nice stats, and solid movepool for the roles it can perform. Now, because I don't have anything else important to say, let's go into those stats for everyone's favorite Bacon Bird.


126 HP         131 Sp. Attack
131 Attack.   98 Sp. Defense
95 Defense    99 Speed

On the surface, Yveltal has some awesome stats. 126/95/98 is some amazing defensive bulk and the potential to take major hits is incredible. 131/131 is cool and amazing, but most Yveltal are Special attackers, but physical is a cool option. 99 Speed is awkward since you underspeed base 100's, which is weird. Now that I realize it, Yveltal and Xerneas have the same stats, do that's cool to consider since even though they have the same stats, they use them in different ways. Now, I wanna go into the moves that Yveltal used in the Generation Showdown, as well as the items it used to help get an idea on how Yveltal should be played.

Common Moves & Percentage of Usage

  1. Foul Play -- 55.2%
  2. Protect -- 54.5%
  3. Oblivion Wing -- 53.1%
  4. Snarl -- 51.7% 
  5. Dark Pulse -- 43.4%
  6. Sucker Punch -- 39.9%
  7. Heat Wave -- 23.1%
  8. Tailwind -- 15.4%
  9. Focus Blast -- 12.6%
  10. Knock Off -- 10.5%
  11. Other Moves -- 40.6%

Common Items & Percentage of Usage
  1. Life Orb -- 37.8%
  2. Assault Vest -- 14%
  3. Leftovers -- 10.5%
  4. Black Glasses -- 8.4%
  5. Sitrus Berry -- 6.3%
  6. Weakness Policy -- 4.2%
  7. Choice Specs -- 3.5%
  8. Choice Scarf -- 3.5%
  9. Dread Plate -- 2.8%
  10. Power Herb -- 2.1%
  11. Other Items -- 7%
As you can see, Yveltal's moves and items can serve multiple roles. You can go for an attacking set with a Life Orb, Weakness Policy, or Choice item. You can go for a supportive set and give it Leftovers or a Sitrus Berry, or take the best of both worlds and use any item you need. Now, here's a moveset video.

Partners for Yveltal

  1. Mega Mawile - Mawile can take advantage of Yveltal's Dark Aura ability to use boosted Sucker Punches
  2. Thundurus and Liepard - Thundurus and Liepard can use the move Swagger to raise the opponent's Attack stat by 2 stages so Yvetal can come in and use the move Foul Play for more damage.
How to beat Yvetal
  1. Fairy Types - Fairy types like Xerneas and Mawile can use their powerful Fairy moves to handle Yveltal and resist the moves it can use for the most part.
I hope you enjoyed this. If you have any opinions on how to improve this, then let me know. Follow me on Twitter @KurokyuneVGC for updates on the blog and check out my older content. I'll see you next time everyone. Bye!

Happy New Years everyone. Hope you enjoyed your 2015 and I hope you have an awesome 2016. Now, our first article on this blog will be an analysis on Dialga. Dialga was a very powerful Pokemon back in the 2010 season as a Trick Room setter and will certainly be doing that this season. Now, let's start by looking at the base stats to see the make-up of this Pokemon


100 HP          150 Sp. Attack
120 Attack     100 Sp. Defense
120 Defense     90 Speed

On the surface, Dialga has some nice stats. 100/120/100 is really solid since you can take some good hits without to much defense investment and focus more on your offenses, which are one of it's main selling points. While 120 Attack may be solid, the lack of strong physical moves makes this stat pretty irrelevant, but still not the worst. The 150 Sp. Attack is your best bet with strong special moves to use to get the most out of your Dialga. 90 Speed is pretty solid. With access to Trick Room and the possibility to do some serious work on a Trick Room team, Dialga will be picking up some major KO's with it's move selection. Overall, Dialga has some nice stats. Now, I wanna show off the abilities that Dialga has access to.

Pressure - As your standard ability, this is the ability that most Dialga you'll face will be using. Personally, theirs nothing wrong with this ability since you can make sure each move your opponent use cost 2 PP instead of 1, slowly killing your opponent's options in battle.

Telepathy - The only way to use this in the 6th Generation is through the Japanese event Dialga. Keep in mind that this Dialga's nature is locked to Modest and in order for it to pass a hack check if it happens, it must have the special ribbon that came with it. But Telepathy is still a good ability. Being able to dodge an Earthquake from your partner comes in really handy with moves like Earthquake and Surf. Keep in mind though if your opponent realizes you don't have Pressure, they might be able to realize you have Telepathy. Now, I wanna show off the stats of moves and items that were used on Dialga in the Generation Showdown tournament.

Move Percentage of Usage

  1. Flash Cannon - 77.8%
  2. Draco Meteor - 48.3%
  3. Trick Room - 47.8%
  4. Dragon Pulse - 42.2%
  5. Earth Power - 40.6%
  6. Protect - 28.9%
  7. Thunder - 22.8%
  8. Roar of Time - 16.1%
  9. Aura Sphere - 13.3%
  10. Fire Blast - 11.7%
  11. Other Moves - 50.6%
Item Percentage of Usage
  1. Adamant Orb - 13.9%
  2. Shuca Berry - 13.3%
  3. Choice Specs - 11.7%
  4. Assault Vest - 11.1%
  5. Lum Berry - 8.9%
  6. Sitrus Berry - 7.2%
  7. Life Orb - 6.7%
  8. Air Balloon - 4.4%
  9. Chople Berry - 3.3%
  10. Weakness Policy - 2.8%
  11. Other Items - 16.7%
As you can see from these items and moves percentage, no item is 100% confirmed and moves aren't 100% confirmed since it seems to me like the way Dialga was run was probably dependent on the team that was backing Dialga, which is probably how Dialga should be built. For moves, Flash Cannon and Draco Meteor seems like a must and the item seems like a toss-up. Now, time for a Dialga VGC2016 moveset video. Hope you enjoy it,

Great Partners for Dialga
  1. Redirection/Fake Out - Mostly for the Trick Room variant, redirection and Fake Out users will help Dialga set up Trick Room for the team
  2. Primal Groudon - Under Trick Room, a slow Primal Groudon can use Eruption to sweep teams, while Dialga handles the other Pokemon
How to beat Dialga
  1. Primal Groudon - While it can be a great partner, P-Groudon  can also beat you since it can use strong Ground move like Precipice Blades and Earth Power to take you down. 
  2. Fighting and Ground types - As a steel type, Dialga has a weakness to these 2 types. So naturally, this a way to beat Dialga and a good way to beat him.
I hoped you enjoyed this analysis on Dialga. If you have any suggestions on how to improve it, let me know as I'll read it and reply to it as well. Follow me on Twitter @KurokyuneVGC for updates on the blog and check out my older content. That'll be really cool. I'll see you next time everyone. Bye.


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