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Worlds 2016: Analyzing the trends in the Top Cut teams (Juniors)

This is the 1st part of a 3 part mini-series where the goal is to analyze the trends from the Top Cut teams of the 2016 VGC World Championship Teams in the Juniors Division. There are a lot of cool trends that are noticeable in the 8 players who made it into the Top 8 and I thought I talk about it.

Winner: Cory Connor
Link to the teams:

Before we start, for reference, I'll add what place the the 8 players used to at least make it to the Top 8.
Cory Connor -  Shu Harasaki - Rikuto Noda - Enzo Reci -Kaisei Ichikawa - Corey Yuen - Chang Joon Seo - Parker Hurley -  --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Kyogre was a pretty prominent threat, as Cory Connor, Shu Harasaki, and Kaisei Ichikawa all used it to get 1st, 2nd, and 5th place respectively. Something that's interesting to note is that Cory's Kyogre ran an interestin…