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VGC Guide to Sun Teams (2015)

Welcome everyone. After my guide to Sand, Rain, and Trick Room teams, I decided to post my guide on the last viable Team Strategy guide. I won't be doing one on Hail since the only viable Hail team I've seen is a combo of Hail and Trick Room by Cypher, but the team wasn't strong enough, as admitted by Cypher who said the team wasn't strong. Without further ado, lets get on with my analysis on Sun teams. Lets get started!

What is a Sun Team?
Uses the bright sun to win the game & the overall matchCan be activated the ability Drought or the move Sunny DayWhy use a Sun Team? Increases the power of fire type moves by 50%Allows Solar Beam to be used instantlyActivates the abilities: Chlorophyll, Dry Skin, Flower Gift, Forecast, Leaf Guard, Solar Power, HarvestGuarantees Harvest will restores a held berryPrevents Pok√©mon to be frozenBoosts the effects of: Moonlight, Synthesis, Morning Sun, & GrowthDecreases the power of water type moves by 50%Lowers the accuracy of Wate…

VGC Entei Analysis

Welcome. After the support for my Thundurus-T analysis, I decided to cover a fire type that has picked up popularity at the 2015 World Championships. Today, I'll be talking about Entei, one of the 3 legendary dogs along with Raikou and Suicune. I'll start by talking about its stats.

Base Stats
115 HP - Incredible. This means with the right investment,  Entei will be be taking hits for a very long time
115 Attack - Also incredible. As well as taking hits, it'll be doing major damage to various Pokemon if it can hit them for good damage.
85 Defense - Respectable. While not the greatest, it's still means Entei can take some hits, barring from really powerful Earthquake and Rock Slide from the wrong Pokemon.
90 Sp. Attack - Okay. While it's not as strong to be a main powerhouse option in terms of damage, it can be used, but keep in mind Scrafty's attack stat is 90, but he's used as a physical attacker with supportive options.
75 Sp. Defense - Ouch. By that I mean a …

Guide to VGC Sand Teams (2015)

Hello. After my guide about VGC Sand Teams, I decided to keep the trend on VGC Team Strategy Guides and move on to my 3rd VGC Team Strategy Guide with Sand Teams. Sand Teams have always done well in the past, which is why I want to do this. With Regionals fast approaching in the US, I want to get all of these VGC Team Strategy Guides so that you can have a better time picking what team strategy to build around for Regionals. Without further ado, lets get on with my VGC Team Strategy Guide on Sand.

What is a Sand Team? Uses the weather Sand to beat down an opposing team with high offensive power and an increase in speedUses the ability Sand Stream, or the move SandstormWhy use a Sand Team? Activates the abilities: Sand Force, Sand Veil, and Sand RushRaises the Sp. Defense of all Rock types by 50%Damages all Pokemon not Rock, Ground, or Steel type (Except Pokemon with Sand Force, Sand Rush, Sand Veil, Magic Guard, Overcoat, or holding the item Safety Googles)Weakens the moves: Solar Beam, …