On July 19, 2016, the Pokemon Company released a 2 minute video that showed 6 new Pokemon, which look amazing, but also showed off a new feature called Hyper Training. Hyper Training promises a lot of great things and I wanna talk about what it can do for the growth of competitive Pokemon.

What is Hyper Training?
Before talking about what it can do for the future for VGC, we have to know what it actually is from the information TPCi has given out. As a Pokemon levels up, they can still increase their stats, but they can only increase them so much as their IVs and nature can put this to a halt. They can increase their stats at anytime and at any level. Hyper Training is suppose to make getting strong Pokemon as easy as possible. The way it'll work is that once a Pokemon reaches level 100, they can use Hyper Training to increase or potentially decrease their IVs to the desired amount. You can do this by collecting bottle caps, which can be found throughout the Alola region and presenting them to a man by the name of Mr. Hyper who can take your bottle caps in to train your Pokemon.

How can Hyper Training be helpful?
Hyper Training can be helpful as it brings about a simple way to explain the sometime hard to explain concepts in the game. When X&Y came out, GameFreak introduced Super Training, a simple way to explain EVs, which were a foreign concept to a lot of people and did it in a fun way. Hyper Training appears to be their way of introducing the concept of IVs while at the same time, essentially allowing every Pokemon to have a potentially perfect IV spread for the player, making it more appealing to use in competitive battles, which can only spell good things to come for formats like VGC and Smogon in the future. It'll also save time, which means players can battle more often and overall increase their enjoyment of Pokemon Sun & Moon.

My hopes for Hyper Training
I do hope that their is a way to lower IVs. Many Pokemon can benefit greatly from this. You might want to lower your Attack IV to minimize damage from Foul Play, drop your Speed IV to power up Gyro Ball or be a threat under Trick Room. You can also change IVs slightly for a different type of Hidden Power to help the team. These are some things that lowering IVs can help and not being able to do this can be an issue with the overall effect of Hyper Training. I'm also hoping that there either bottle caps for specific stats or the bottle caps that allow all access for both raising and lowering your stats. This can make Hyper Training an amazing tool and a fun alternative to the current IV breeding that many players use to this day.

So, these are my thoughts on Hyper Training. Let me know your thoughts about it and check out my older content as well and stay tuned for more Sun and Moon and I'll see you guys next time.
Now that Nationals have concluded for the season are done, I want to finish up by talking about the remaining viable Restricted Cores that exist within VGC 2016. The next one we'll be talking about is YvelDon or the combination of Yveltal + Primal Groudon.

The core we'll be talking about
600px-383Groudon-Primal  600px-717Yveltal

Why use Yveltal + Primal Groudon?
Like I said in my article about Nationals preparations, Dual Primal was a very strong core and needed an answer so it wouldn't run amok. YvelDon is that answer as Yveltal can use powerful Dark type moves to do over 50% of damage to them while Primal Groudon can control the weather with its Desolate Land ability to bring the Sun and use powerful Fire and Ground type moves to take down the opposing team. Now, I'll go into some sample sets for them to show off how you can potentially use them.

Yveltal @ Life Orb
Ability: Dark Aura
EVs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe
Jolly Nature
- Sucker Punch
- Knock Off
- Foul Play
- Protect

This is a physical attacking Yveltal set meant to take advantage of this physically prevalent metagame. The EV Spread is designed for a hit hard and fast. Max attack with 3 dark type moves and it's Dark Aura ability allows Yveltal to to a lot of damage with strong Dark type moves. Sucker Punch is for priority so it can take advantage of opposing Pokémon when they choose to attack. Knock Off is to take items away from other Pokémon when they have an important item like Xerneas' Power Herb. Foul Play is part of the reason Yveltal has a great matchup against the Primals since Primal Kyogre has a base 150 Attack stat and Primal Groudon has a 180 Attack stat, meaning even with trying to lower their attack stat, Foul Play will still hit like a truck. Protect is pretty standard. One of the reason Yveltal is so good is that it can potentially knock out Cresselia with strong dark type moves, which very few Pokémon can do.

Groudon-Primal @ Red Orb
Ability: Desolate Land
EVs: 12 HP / 236 Atk / 4 Def / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Jolly Nature
- Precipice Blades
- Fire Punch
- Swords Dance / Rock Slide / Substitute
- Protect

Generally on YvelDon teams, Primal Groudon are fast attackers that want to hit hard and be fast. The EV Spread is a representation of this. The 12 HP / 4 SpD mean that a +2 Dazzling Gleam from Timid Xerneas is a guaranteed 3HKO. The speed means that Groudon can go fast and the 236 HP essentially uses the 244 tech, which I'll link an article here that goes into it with more depth into it. It can also survive a +2 Hidden Power [Ground] from Xerneas, which can make a difference when you face a Xerneas that might decide to use it. The moveset is pretty standard, though the 3rd slot is pretty flexible depending on your team. You can use Swords Dance for the attack boost, Rock Slide is for coverage against Pokémon like Salamence and Ho-Oh or Substitute for the extra security.

Possible members to add to this core
mawile-mega - Since Xerneas is a threat, Mawile comes in since a Iron Head can 2HKO Xerneas with ease. It can also use Yveltal's ability to boost the power of Sucker Punch.
kangaskhan-mega - A very strong Mega Evolution that can be used to take out some major threats while providing Fake Out pressure. It can also use Yveltal's ability to boost the power of Sucker Punch.
 - Manectric can use its pre-Mega ability in Lightning Rod to protect Yveltal from Electric type  moves take out Water types that try to harm Groudon. After Mega Evolving it has Intimidate to help out the team and can also use Snarl with Yveltal's Dark Aura ability.
 - Thundurus can provide speed control with Thunder Wave and threaten what will try to harm your Groudon like an opposing Kyogre with a powerful Thunderbolt.
salamence-mega - Salamence can provide Intimidate support for the team that can be really helpful.
File:Mega Sceptile Mini Sprite.png - Sceptile can use a powerful Grass Knot to handle Kyogre and Groudon while using Dragon Pulse to take out Salamence.
- Jumpluff can abuse the powerful the Harsh Sun from Groudon to use fast a Sleep Powder to mess with the opponent.

Examples of how strong this core is (Nationals Level)

  1. Arash Ommati got 17th at UK Nationals
  2. Genki Yamada got 22nd at UK Nationals
  3. Clive Lai got 7th at South African Nationals
  4. Arash Ommati got 1st at Germany Nationals
  5. Yannik Gietz got 21st at Germany Nationals
  6. Willem Schouten got 29th at Germany Nationals
  7. Davide Miraglia got 4th at Italy Nationals
  8. Alessio Yuri Boschetto got 7th at Italy Nationals
  9. Francesco Trevisan got 21st at Italy Nationals
  10. Santi Russo got 30th at Italy Nationals
  11. Ulises Arreola got 5th at Mexico Nationals
  12. Kitaoka Tsubasa got 2nd at Japan Nationals
  13. Zach Drogekamp got 33rd at US Nationals
  14. Sam Pandelis got 3rd at Australia Nationals
  15. David Davila got 5th at Colombia Nationals
 How to beat this core?
- Public Enemy #1, Xerneas can set up Geomancy and OHKO Yveltal with either Moonblast or Dazzling Gleam and Groudon will take a ton from a strong Moonblast.
salamence-mega- Like Salamence can be helpful for the team, it can also pose an issue as fast Groudon takes a chunk of damage from a Hyper Voice and Yveltal won't appreciate being affected by Intimidate and can take a ton from Double-Edge.
kyogre-primal- Kyogre can be a threat when it has weather control and the Rain is up since a powerful Water Spout or Origin Pulse can knockout Groudon and do a major chunk to Yveltal as well.
kangaskhan-mega - Kangaskhan can chunk Groudon with Double-Edge and Yveltal can take around 80-90% with the same Double-Edge, though Yveltal can use Foul Play for a ton of damage.

I hoped you enjoyed this. Leave a comment if you have one and check out my links. Check out my older content if you haven't as it's some interesting stuff and I'll see you next time.


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