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Guide to Support Moves in VGC 2017 #2: Icy Wind & Electroweb

Welcome to the 2nd installment in this series where the goal is to discuss support moves in the VGC 2017 season. Today, I wanna talk about Icy Wind & Electroweb. The reason I'm lumping them both into the same article is they're basically identical, which I'll go into. Hope you enjoy and let's start.

Basic Knowledge
Icy Wind is a 55 base power Ice type spread move meaning it can hit multiple targets. It has 95% accuracy, which makes it very reliable of a move to go to since it has a very low chance to miss. For Electroweb, is a 55 base power Electric type spread move with 95% accuracy. What makes these 2 moves appealing is that if they connect to the target, they have a 100% chance to lower their speed stat by 1 stage. This is great as by using and landing these moves a slow Pokemon can outspeed a vet fast Pokemon, which can change the flow of a battle into the user's favor.

Now its time to talk about all users of Icy Wind & Electroweb in the VGC 2017 season…

Guide to Support Moves in VGC 2017 #1: Tailwind

Welcome to a new series I'm doing. The goal is to talk about support moves within the VGC 2017 format. My hope is that you'll learn about the available Tailwind setters, as well as the ones to keep your eye on when in a battle and they bring out a Pokemon capable of using the move. Hope you enjoy and let's begin.

Basic Knowledge
Tailwind is a supportive flying type move that when used, doubles a Pokemon's speed for 4 turns after its used, though the turn it is used counts as one of those turns so you'll only have 3 turns to use it. The move has 15 PP (Power Points) and you can max it up to 24. It has no accuracy so its a safe bet to go for the move if needed. When used in conjunction with the Flying type Z-Crystal, it will boost the critical hit ratio by 1.5

Why use this Move?
Tailwind is a great move as it provides some great speed control for a team. The ability to help a slow Pokemon like Sylveon or Rotom-Wash outspend some fast Pokemon like Mega Salamence (base …

Introduction to Pokémon VGC 2017

Welcome. With the release of Pokémon Sun & Moon, a new VGC season has come about, so I thought I write an intro to the new 2017 format, to help you understand it better. Hope you enjoy this and also learn the basics about this format. I'll be doing a separate article talking more about potential viability of the legal Pokémon we have available, but this is suppose to be designed as a more basic article. Let's begin and I hope you enjoy, but also learn something & gain a vested interest in VGC '17. Also, I plan to cover some of these topics, mainly the buffs & nerds in a separate article and the some viable Pokémon as those are major topics and could easily fill up their own individual article.

Side Note: I made this video that goes with the article, which shows the points I made in this video as well. Hope you enjoy it.

The Basic Rules - These are the basic rules of the 2017 season.
Double Battles (Bring 6/Pick 4)Pokémon above level 50 are brought down to level 5…

Pokemon Sun and Moon New Changes and Add-Ons

This is a quick, informative article meant to talk about all the new changes that happened in Pokemon Sun and Moon. Hope you enjoy. I plan to cover the stat changes, new abilities, new moves, new Z-Moves, and Pokemon that have there abilities changed and have received new moves.

New Stat ChangesArbok - +10 Attack (85-95)
Ariados - + 10 Sp. Defense (60-70)
Beartic - +20 Attack (110-130)
Chimecho - +10 HP (55-65),  +10 Defense (70-80), +10 Sp. Defense (80-90)
Corsola - +10 HP (55-65), +10 Defense (85-95), +10 Sp. Defense (85-95)
Crustle - +10 Attack (95-105)
Cryognal - +10 HP (70-80), +20 Defense (30-50)
Dugtrio - +20 Attack (80-100)
Electrode - +10 Attack (140-150)
Exeggutor - +10 Sp. Defense (65-75)
Farfetch'd - +25 Attack (65-90)
Illiumise - +20 Defense (55-75), +10 Sp. Defense (75-85)
Lunatone - +20 HP (70-90)
Magcargo - +10 HP (50-60), +10 Sp. Attack (80-90)
Mantine - +20 HP (65-85)
Masquerain - +20 Sp. Attack (80-100), +20 Speed (60-80)
Noctowl - +10 Sp. Attack (76-86)
Pelipper - +10 Sp. Attac…

Changes in Pokémon Sun & Moon: Game Mechanics

Continuing with the whole idea of covering changes that have occurred in Pokemon Sun and Moon, I want to talk about more general things. There are a couple of changes I want to highlight and I hope you enjoy. Let's begin and I hope you enjoy it.

Parental Bond got Nerfed So to start off, one of the most controversial and strongest Pokemon in VGC history, Mega Kangaskhan got its power levels dropped. The 2nd hit in Parental Bond was originally 50% of the first hit, but it got cut in half is now 25%. This is a huge thing as Kangaskhan is a very strong Pokemon because it essentially a free Choice Band with the ability to change moves at will. This won't be a major deal in VGC yet as Mega Evolution isn't allowed in the 2017 season, but in other metagame where it'll be allowed, it may have not as big of an impact as it did in the 6th Generation. It'll be interesting to see how it effects other formats in the future.
Confusion If what the dataminers are true when testing …