VGC Resources

Check out all relevant VGC Resources you can use to help improve your skill and possibly be entertained in the process! These resources are not limited to a single season / ruleset as they can even function and be very helpful in other seasons as well.

Knowledge for Beginners

These are some helpful resources for when starting out your VGC career.

Basic Information - These links can help you understand VGC fundamentals which doesn't necessarily deal with battling information.

Battle Skills - These links will help you understand the fundamentals of VGC battling.

Competition - These links can help you understand how to do well on tournament day.

EV Spreads - These links talk about how to train your Pokemon to accomplish certain goals

Preparation and Habit Forming - These links can help you improve your game whether while in battle or not

Useful Information & Links - Resources that are great to refer back to during each VGC season

Blogs and External Sites

  • TrainerTower - The successor to Nugget Bridge as the main hub to VGC on the internet.
  • Smogon VGC Forums - Led by Blarajan, its a sub-forum on Smogon for VGC players.
  • Pikalytics - Great for looking at VGC usage data for each Pokémon
  • Nimbasa City Post - You're here so I thank you. Focuses more on analyses of Pokémon and the VGC metagame as a whole
  • Victory Road - Spanish website that focuses on competitive VGC content. Also has content in English.
  • PokemonAustralia - The main hub for VGC news in Australia
  • /r/stunfisk - A subreddit that's dedicated to competitive battling
  • Mirage Island - A VGC hub for the Singapore that focuses on their community
  • Battling Zone - A VGC website for the Italian community
  • Evo Pokemon - A VGC website for the Latin American community
  • Trainer Valley - Another VGC website for the Latin American community
  • Eviolite Guatemala - VGC and TCG Mexican website
  • Pokemex - VGC Mexican website
  • VGC with Hats - Canadian VGC website
  • Indonesian Pokémon Community - Indonesian VGC website
  • Pokémon Phillipines - Filipino VGC website
  • VGCstats - Shows how much CP every Pokémon has won as well as results from VGC events. Great for looking at each Pokémon usage at tournaments. Has also started to post original content.
  • AcademyVGC - Run by Linkyoshimario and Serapis, this website is currently a work-in-progress. Follow them on Twitter for updates.

Facebook Groups

Content Creators




  • EvoPokémon (YT)
  • PeruPkmn League (YTTwitch)
  • Paul Ruiz (YT)




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