Guide to Support Moves in VGC 2017 #2: Icy Wind & Electroweb

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Welcome to the 2nd installment in this series where the goal is to discuss support moves in the VGC 2017 season. Today, I wanna talk about Icy Wind & Electroweb. The reason I'm lumping them both into the same article is they're basically identical, which I'll go into. Hope you enjoy and let's start.

Basic Knowledge
Icy Wind is a 55 base power Ice type spread move meaning it can hit multiple targets. It has 95% accuracy, which makes it very reliable of a move to go to since it has a very low chance to miss. For Electroweb, is a 55 base power Electric type spread move with 95% accuracy. What makes these 2 moves appealing is that if they connect to the target, they have a 100% chance to lower their speed stat by 1 stage. This is great as by using and landing these moves a slow Pokemon can outspeed a vet fast Pokemon, which can change the flow of a battle into the user's favor.

Now its time to talk about all users of Icy Wind & Electroweb in the VGC 2017 season. Because there are no move tutors, Pokemon like Gengar and Politoed, who commonly use Icy Wind aren't going to be included as many move tutors aren't in the game so they won't be seen using those moves.

1) Alolan Nintales (Icy Wind)
One of the new Alolan Pokemon, Ninetales typed was changed from Fire to Ice/Fairy. Alolan Ninetales could be a very good Icy Wind user thanks to its base 109 speed stat, meaning it's very fast and will outspeed a lot of strong Pokemon in this format, as well as use its decent 81 Sp. Attack stat to cause some strong damage. If Ninetales can fit Icy Wind in a moveset, it'll most certainly be something to watch out for.

2) Ariados (Electroweb)
Ariados is a Pokemon I don't see to be very effective as a Electroweb user or a strong Pokemon in general. The reason is because its 70/70/60 bulk is very weak and even though its base 90 attack stat is pretty decent, its base 40 speed stat will hold it back, but maybe it could function under Trick Room and on the last turn of Trick Room, it could use Electroweb to get the jump on the opponent in the speed control game.

3) Delibird (Icy Wind)
Like Ariados, Delibird is another Pokemon I don't see to be very effective. Its very frail with 45/45/45 so it won't take a hit and will need the Focus Sash item, but that may be needed more important on other Pokemon so without its needed item and the right items, Delibird will just slowly get pushed out of a team.

4) Smeargle (Icy Wind & Electroweb)
Even though Smeargle has very weak attack stats in 20/20, it could be a good user in those moves as even though it won't be doing much damage, what this Smeargle may excel in is more just supporting the team. If it can successfully do this, then Smeargle will be a cool user of these 2 moves. Smeargle will need to find a new role in VGC since it lost access to Dark Void.

5) Spinda (Icy Wind)
Spinda is mainly used for its Contrary ability and the fact that it can learn Skill Swap to give it to Pokemon that can learn moves like Draco Meteor or Close Combat to actually take that stat drop and raise it. When it isn't doing that, Spinda may be a decent Icy Wind user if it can find space on a team.

6) Glalie (Icy Wind)
Glalie is most likely going to get outshined as an Icy Wind user and an Ice type in general. The reason is that Glalie's stats are all 80 so it doesn't allow for 1 stat to shine, so it lacks any real identity as a Pokemon. It may have been a better Pokemon this season if it could use its Mega Evolution, but without it, it won't really shine as an Ice type since there are better Ice types in this format.

7) Weavile (Icy Wind)
Weavile has the fastest speed stat of all Icy Wind users this format at base 125, but also a very weak Sp. Attack stat at base 45. If Icy Wind on Weavile becomes a viable option as the metagame progresses, then it could be a very potent threat since it's very fast, but it also won't be doing much damage and trading in power for supporting the team.

8) Glaceon (Icy Wind)
Even though Glaceon has a very high Sp. Attack stat at base 130, which can allow it to do major damage with Icy Wind, it's pretty mediocre bulk at 65/110/95 and slow speed stat at base 65 will end up holding it back as a Icy Wind user. It's also got some major competition in the Icy typing now with Weavile, Vanilluxe,  Ninetales, and Alolan Sandslash, who all may perform the role of a Ice type better.

9) Froslass (Icy Wind)
Froslass’ problem is it's very mediocre/below-average stats, which switch between 70 for its HP and 2 defense stats with 80 for its 2 attacking stat. This leads to Froslass not really being able to put out much damage outside of a super-effective attack through its STAB moves. It's only major stat is its 110 speed stat, which could lead for it to some major damage with Icy Wind if it can get in the right position.

10) Vanilluxe (Icy Wind)
Without its new ability Snow Warning, Vanilluxe would no doubt be thrown away as an Ice type. Thanks to this ability, Vanilluxe is finally able to use its impressive 110 Sp. Attack stat to do some significant damage. The only real problem it'll face is its rather low 71/85/95 defenses and its 79 speed stat which places it in an awkward place to really shine as a Pokemon.

11) Vikavolt (Electroweb)
When Vikavolt uses Electroweb, it's gonna do some impressive damage with its base 145 Sp. Attack, meaning it's moves are gonna hurt of the connect. The only problem it has however is its other stats aren't very impressive with its 77/90/95 defensive stats and its base 43 speed stat, meaning it's very slow and pretty frail so it'll need a Focus Sash to really do anything or it'll get OHKO with a supereffective attack and will faint.

How to Beat These Moves?

  • Wide Guard – Since these are spread moves, Wide Guard is perfect to block these 2 moves from doing damage.
  • Rock & Fire Type Moves – Many user of these 2 moves are weak to rock and fire type moves so carrying these 2 moves are effective to getting rid of the users off the field.
  • Other forms of speed control – By using other forms of speed control like Tailwind and Trick Room, you can counteract them to either balance them out or turn the speed drops into an advantage.

I hope you enjoyed this. Next time, I plan to talk about Fake Out followed by Trick Room so I hope you stay tuned for when they come out. Check out my older content if you haven't and I'll see you guys next time. Bye!


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