VGC Tips #5: Leveling up in VGC

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Time to talk about leveling up in VGC, or improving your game, but leveling up sounds cooler. Now that I did 3 articles talking about improving some key aspects in VGC like team preview, Best of 3 play, and teambuilding, I want to talk about how you can get better at VGC on your way to becoming a top player. Let's get started and I hoped you learn something from this.

Legal Pokemon are Important
This is very important as once you lock your team in at tournaments that require you to lock your battle box for the team your using that day, you can't change it and if you don't know if your Pokemon are legal, then you may get hack checked and if even one Pokemon isn't legal, then you'll be automatically disqualified and won't be refunded if there was an entry fee. You can check out this article here from Bulbapedia to know every Pokemon that was given out as an event. Most will be in a Cherish Ball, which is the special event Poké Ball they'll be caught in. Make sure that your Pokemon are legal so you don't have to worry about getting caught with an illegal Pokémon. Essentially, make sure that your Pokémon are legal as it doesn't matter if you got them from someone else, its up to use to make sure good to use.

Like the old saying goes "Practice makes Perfect!" This saying holds true in VGC as you generally want to practice with the team you plan on using at a big event to make sure the team has some good answers to the best Pokémon in the format and how the metagame is currently going. Certain players are able to do this, but what separate them from other players that try this and fail at it is they understand the game very well and there natural skill in the game helps them hide the lack of practice with a team with skill. Also, make sure that when your practicing, make sure that your practice is going towards a good cause, mainly understanding your team better and also maybe fix a weakness that your team has. Don't go to practice and then you find out that you played 30 games on Pokémon Showdown or 10 games on Battle Spot for example and then realized you learned very little. By practicing with a purpose, you'll get better with your team and eventually the game. By practicing, you'll learn more about how much an attack from that Pokemon might do and improve your prediction skills, which is always good to know and you'll get gradually better at this.

While in Battle ...
When your in battle, just remember that every battle you'll play is a learning experience whether you won or lost. I find that when losing, you learn the most about how you play as you can examine what you did wrong and what you could've done differently to ensure something like that doesn't happen as frequently. Always examine risk vs. reward. What this means is that is the decision you want to make a safe one with a good chance of success, or is there a better play you can make now that may not seem like a good idea now, but is going to put you in a better position later in the match. Also make sure that your predictions aren't risky (Using Thunderbolt on a Ground type that has little reason to switch out.) Remember that your goal overall is to knock out your opponent's 4 Pokémon before they knock out your, or at least have a healthier team by the time the battle timer runs down to 0. Just remember that it's perfectly fine to use as much of the battle timer each turn as needed. If you need to use all 45 seconds in a turn, because you've realize that knocking out there Pokémon isn't the way to win, but running the clock is the best way to win. It's perfectly fine to do and I've done it before and have also been on the receiving end of this.

EV'ing your Pokémon
This is something that is also important and something I want to talk about in the future, but for now, I'd recommend checking out 2 articles from a good player named DaWoblefet online. He's a really good player and is one of the smartest players in the community and is a really good person to talk to in the future as he knows how to EV train his Pokémon and make very efficient EV Spreads. Part 1 and Part 2 are how to efficiently train your Pokémon so your not wasting any of the 508 points available for use.

Advice from other Players
I did go on Twitter to get some advice from various people so I want to thank each one of them for giving some advice. I recommend giving them a follow as there really cool people.
  • Sparring as many Bo3 with as many friends and opponents as possible, no distractions while battling, taking a break when tilting - @DamoVGC
  • Stay calm after a loss. It's one-two games out of potentially 27. You will be fine as long as you keep your head on straight - @_Lightcore
  • Don't stress out when you go up against big names. It's tough, but even just trying to calm yourself will do you a world of good - @nerdofnowVGC
  • Play the game. Don't just watch videos about it, don't just read article on it, don't just tweet about it, play it. And play it with purpose. Keep track of wins/losses (but don't stress about them) and make note of what you did wrong in battle. It takes roughly 20 hours to get "good" or "proficient" at something, but it takes MUCH more time to become a master at it. And by time, I mean practice. - @ArtemisFlynnYT
Hoped you enjoyed this. If you have any questions, let me know and I'll see you guys next time. Check out my older VGC Tips articles and any other content I've posted. Bye!


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