VGC Metagame Changes Episode 5: Worlds has Changed Things

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It's time for another episode of VGC Metagame changes. The last one was about Nationals and now we're talking about Worlds and what happened there. I'm terrible with intros so I'm just gonna start now with the changes.

Raichu won the World Championships with Wolfe Glick and got a 2nd viable moveset out of it, though Gary Qian at US Nationals was the first major time it appeared, which of course is the move Endeavor, which was given out in the Pikachu Cup since Pikachu appeared in the Top 3 of usage in that online event. What was different from Gary is that Wolfe gave his Raichu an Assault Vest and made his Raichu much bulkier, which is helpful in allowing his Raichu to take hits, as well taught it the move Volt Switch for a great way of having switch potential.

Hitmontop was interesting as we didn't see it much during all of the 2016 season besides Lee Provost who had good success and Carson St. Denis, who won US Nationals in the Senior Division. Then we come to Worlds and it had some great success, with Cory Connor winning Worlds in Juniors, Brendan Zheng getting Top 8 in Seniors, Baris Akcos getting Top 8 in Masters, Eduardo Cunha and Markus Stadter getting Top 4 in Masters, and Wolfe Glick winning Worlds in Masters, which is 6 notable finishes from accomplished players at 1 event across all 3 age divisions.

Xerneas + Rayquaza was a Restricted core that didn't have much of a showing before the World Championships, where its only real big accomplishment was winning Italy Nationals with Javier Senorena. Fast forward to the World Championships, this core had a much better showing, appearing on 4 teams within the Top Cut on UK player Barry Anderson who finished in the Top 8, another UK player in Jamie Boyt who finished in the Top 16, Taiwanese player Wonseok Jang who finished in the Top 24, and a US player in Dane Zieman, who also finished in the Top 24. 4 players decided that this core had the tools to do well and all made it in the Top Cut bracket.

Mega Gengar was a Pokemon that really had a powerful showing at the World Championships. It made an appearance on both of the finalists team in the Masters Division from Wolfe Glick and Jonathan Evans. What was cool that it was a powerful Pokemon that was very useful with its Shadow Tag ability so it can trap in whatever it needed and use the move Will-O-Wisp to burn a physical attacker and then keep them on the field and from switching out while its partner relentlessly  damages them while they also slowly lose health from their burn. It also had a powerful Poison type move in Sludge Bomb to mainly his Xerneas and rounded it out with Taunt to help block status moves like Dark Void to help out the team.

Well that's it. Sorry if its short, but I hope that the metagame goes through some changes to allow a longer article like this to exist, but maybe VGC '17 can do that for me. Hope you enjoyed it and within the next 3 days, expect my analysis on the Top Cut teams from the World Championships in the Senior Division. Check out my older content if you haven't already and I'll see you next time everyone. Bye!


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