What I think about VGC '16 and how I to improve VGC '17

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The rules for the VGC '16 rules were announced. We got 15 Restricted Legendary Pokémon added to the format. The metagame has been through some changes, there have been complaints, & there have been tournaments. I come to this write-up to discuss my overall thoughts so far with this metagame, including everything that will be listed down below

What I will be covering
  1. My quick, overall opinion of this format, & why I feel this way
  2. Why I feel this way
  3. The teams I have been using in VGC '16 to this date
  4. How I would improve VGC '17 to make it better than all previous formats so far
My Opinion 

I have had experiences with VGC '16. As it stands and this will probably stay, though I'm probably in the minority for this, though I don't care, I honestly really enjoy VGC '16. My favorite part of the this metagame is that because of the powerful threats like the Restricted Legends, it makes it so that this format forces you to make the best play each turn and lead right because the wrong leads set you back to a point that pressures you on Turn 1. Why this may seem like a problem, I find that it isn't as I feel a person's skill level will rise as they start getting use to this type of mentality, which makes it in my opinion, the most mature VGC metagame in history.

The teams I have used in VGC '16 as of this date (In Order of Use)

  1. kyogre-primal     
  2. kyogre-primal     
  3. kyogre-primal     
  4. kyogre-primal     
  5. groudon-primal     
  6. kyogre-primal     
  7. kyogre-primal    salamence-mega 
  8. groudon-primal  salamence-mega   
  9. kyogre-primal rayquaza-mega    
  10. groudon-primal kyogre-primal salamence-mega   
  11. groudon-primal kyogre-primal salamence-mega   
  12. kyogre-primal     
  13. groudon-primal     
I like the team diversity in the 13 teams I have used. Kyogre has occupied 10/13 of my VGC '16, which will only grow as time goes on. I want to use Yveltal, Mewtwo and Kyurem-White more in this format. I have built teams for Mewtwo and Kyurem-White, but I'll probably do team reports for them when the time comes for that.

How I would improve VGC '16 or possibly make VGC '17 better

While I do like VGC '16, I do feel like some things could be done in VGC '17 to make that experience better. 

Change #1
Make all spread status moves, including Dark Void, blocked by Wide Guard: This change is to mainly appease the people, including me, who have a problem with Dark Void without any bans. Since spread moves and Wide Guard does block spread moves, it only seems natural for this change to happen.

Change #2
Nerf the power of some Pokémon: Going into Generation 6, GameFreak has made a couple of small changes, like adding 10 points to some Pokémon's base stats or dropping a couple of points on the base power of certain moves. For example, the moves Ice Beam and Thunderbolt went from 95 to 90 base power from Gen 5 to Gen 6. The main change I would make is for Mega Kangaskhan, the 2nd hit from the baby should be dropped from 50% to at most 35%. This brings me to my final change.

Change #3
Buff the power of some Pokémon: While some Pokémon should be nerfed in my opinion, I do believe that other Pokémon should be buffed. Whether it's adding a couple of points to some points (+3 speed to Mega Charizard X/Y), making some Pokémon better in either Singles or Doubles (Unfezant), there are changes that GameFreak can make to make certain Pokémon better. I also wouldn't be oppose to buffing the power of some moves.

I hope you enjoyed this. These are just my opinion, so if you don't agree with this, voice your opinions, as I enjoy debating these types of things. I have another article coming out in the next few days, so look forward to that (No Hints). Check out my older articles and look forward to my new ones. I'll see you next time. Bye.


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