How I would change the current CP distrubition system

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-------------------------  THIS IS BAD NOW THAT I REALIZE IT ------------------------------------------

Just a random idea I had. As I was sitting around thinking about CP for no apparent reason, I came to a personal opinion that the current CP payout system is something I disagree with for 2 reasons.
  1. It rewards players for doing well, but only if you face the right amount of people in a specific order.
  2. Resistance is bad because if one of your older opponents drops out, then you might as well kiss making Top Cut goodbye once your x-2.
  3. Once you don't make cut, if your resistance was bad, you can potentially miss out on acquiring any CP cause you had a .01% resistance difference than the person exactly one place higher than you.
While I do believe that it is bad, I have come up with a random idea that could potentially make it better in a way. My idea is to reward player for how well they did in the Swiss rounds and let the CP payout be distributed based on your win-loss record in Swiss. I have thought of a way to distribute the CP based on your Swiss record, and let the rest do the work. I'll show off my idea and give a brief explanation after that.

Online Competitions

    Rating   CP Received     
 1800 - 1849  40
 1750 - 179936
 1700 - 174932
 1650 - 169926
 1600 - 169916
 1599 - 00

The idea for this is that like the higher your rank gets in the International Challenge, the more CP you'll get. I'll give an example. Let's say that you go into the International Challenge and you want to get to around 1650 rating to receive 26 CP in total. Once you get to a 1650 rating, you can stop your journey through the International Challenge and gladly accept the 26 CP you'll collect as in the current International Challenge system, you can stop whenever and accept that your rating. The reason that I feel anyone who doesn't make 1599 shouldn't receive any CP is because I feel that you have to work for your CP.

Premier Challenges

   Record   CP Received        Kicker  
 x-0 Advance to Cut 0
 x-1 Advance to Cut 0
 x-2 16 16
 x-3 8  32
 x-4  2  64
 x-5 & Worse   0  0

The idea that I'll be using for all tournaments that operate under a Swiss-style format is that based on your tournament record and Swiss, as well as how many people attended the event, should determine how much CP you should earn. Every player who goes through Swiss with a 1 or fewer loss should advance to a BO3 Single Elimination Tournament. The x-2 players should receive a total of 16 CP if 16+ players show up, x-3 players should receive 8 CP if 32+ players show up, x-4 players should receive 2 CP if 64+ players show, up and everyone else should receive 0 CP if 128+ show up. This way, your rewarding players for how well they do, not for there luck.

Midseason Showdowns
   Record   CP Received      Kicker     
 x-0 Advance to Cut 0
 x-1 Advance to Cut 0
 x-2 Advance to Cut   16
 x-3 64  32
 x-4  20 64
 x-5 & Worse   10  128

Same Idea as Premier Challenges. Players who go x-3 get 64 CP if 32 players show up. Players who go x-4 will get 54 CP if 64 players show up, while everyone else will receive 20 CP if 128 players show up.

Regional Championships

Record   CP Received        Kicker    
 x-0Advance to Cut 0
 x-1Advance to Cut 0
 x-2 92 16
 x-3 74 32
 x-4  56 64
 x-5 & Worse   0 0

Same as the 2 before. Since x-0 and x-1's will make Top Cut, the idea is to reward the players who went neutral or better with more CP for braving the long day and doing as well as they did.

Nationals Championships

 Record     CP Received      Kicker    
 x-0  Advance to Day 2   0
 x-1 Advance to Day 2 0
 x-2 Advance to Day 2 0
 x-3 132 32
 x-4  84 64
 x-5  48 128
 x-6 20 256
 x-7 0  0
 x-8 0 0


x-0Advance to SingleElim
x-1Advance to SingleElim
x-2Advance to SingleElim
x-4 256
x-5 222

 Record   CP Received    
 Quarterfinalists   393
 Semifinalist 460
 Runner-Up 520
  Winner 600

The idea with Nationals is for Day 1 like normally, everyone with 2 or fewer losses advances to the 2nd day of the tournament. For Day 2, everyone with 1 or fewer losses advances to a Single Elimination Tournament that decides the eventual winner, which the final match will happen on Sunday.

This is just a random idea. I just thought I share my random idea on how I would fix it, if given the chance. Any opinion on my idea is appreciated, but if you say it's a bad idea, then I wholeheartedly understand.


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