VGC Metagame Changes Episode 3: What happened after Regionals

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Hey. I thought that since Regionals has included, it would be a good time to talk about some changes that happened in the metagame. Over the month of February, a lot of change has happened and thought it would be a good time to cover some of the changes that happened.

Double Primal
Double Primal is a strategy that involves using both of the Primal Pokémon to control their weather. The Rain created by Kyogre and the Sun created by Groudon makes it tricky to decide which weather you'll be dealing with. Most players have decided that the best way to play this core is to use a slow Primal and a fast Primal to have one to operate in and out of Trick Room as seamlessly as possible.

Notable accomplishments this core has received, the players that used it, and their team (19)

Matias Roa | 2nd at Chile Regionals | kangaskhan-megagroudon-primalkyogre-primalamoongusscresseliacrobat
Jorge Aburto | 3rd at Chile Regionals | kangaskhan-megagroudon-primalkyogre-primalamoongusscresseliathundurus
Javier Espejo | 6th at Chile Regionals | mawile-megagroudon-primalkyogre-primalcrobatludicolocherrim
Alex Gomez | 2nd at Wakefield Regionals |  mawile-megagroudon-primalkyogre-primalbronzongtalonflamesmeargle
Martin Cohen | 6th at Argentina Regionals | salamence-megagroudon-primalkyogre-primalcrobatlaprassableye
Ricardo Rispoli | 7th at Preganziol Regionals | mawile-megagroudon-primalkyogre-primalferrothorngothitelletalonflame
Jeremy Mantingh | 5th at Glasgow Regionals | salamence-megagroudon-primalkyogre-primalbronzongtalonflamesmeargle
Simone Sanvito | 2nd at Innsbruck Regionals |salamence-megamawile-megagroudon-primalkyogre-primaltalonflamecresselia
Andres Escobosa | 6th at Arnhem Regionals | kangaskhan-megagroudon-primalkyogre-primalcresseliacrobatsmeargle
Chuppa Cross IV | 4th at Collinsville Regionals | salamence-megagroudon-primalkyogre-primalthundurusferrothornamoonguss
Nikolai Zienlinski | 5th at Collinsville Regionals | salamence-megagroudon-primalkyogre-primalcresseliasmeargletalonflame
Aaron Zheng | 1st at Anaheim Regionals | salamence-megamawile-megagroudon-primalkyogre-primalbronzongsmeargle
Kamaal Harris | 3rd at Florida Regionals | salamence-megagroudon-primalkyogre-primalthunduruscresselialucario
Gavin Michaels | 7th at Florida Regionals | salamence-megagroudon-primalkyogre-primalthunduruscresseliaamoonguss
Erin Schrader | 8th at Florida Regionals | mawile-megagroudon-primalkyogre-primalcresseliatalonflamethundurus
Gary Qian | 3rd at Anaheim Regionals | mawile-megagroudon-primalkyogre-primalcresseliatalonflameporygon-z
Javier Hernandez | 1st at Mexico Regionals | salamence-megakyogre-primalgroudon-primalbronzongweavilethundurus
Rogelio Escobedo | 4th at Mexico Regionals | kangaskhan-megakyogre-primalgroudon-primalcrobatthundurussmeargle
Lizandro Gonzales | 7th at Mexico Regionals | kangaskhan-megagroudon-primalkyogre-primaltalonflameferrothornthundurus
Nigel Gower | 2nd at Dublin Regionals | kangaskhan-megagroudon-primalkyogre-primalweavilebronzongsmeargle

Rayquaza + Kyogre (RayOgre)
Rayquaza and Kyogre, also known as RayOgre, is a strategy that involves using the wind created by Mega Rayquaza and Rain created by Kyogre to control the weather on the field. Like Double Primal, not knowing which weather you'll be dealing with can make handling this core difficult. Also, Rayquaza has the option to not Mega Evolve until needed, which makes it more annoying to deal with. Expect Kyogre's speed to depend on the rest of the team, so understanding what your opponent's team may want to do is crucial to getting this knowledge.

Notable accomplishments this core has received, the players that used it, and their team (21)

Aiman Ishak | 5th at Singapore Regionals | rayquaza-megakyogre-primalgothitelleferrothorncrobatlandorus-therian
Yi-Xuan Chen | 7th at Taiwan Regionals |  rayquaza-megaxerneastalonflamegyaradosferrothornsmeargle
Hao Xuan Sun | 8th at Taiwan Regionals | lopunny-megarayquaza-megakyogre-primaltalonflameamoongusslandorus-therian
Jamie Boyt | 1st at Wakefield & 3rd at Glasgow Regionals | rayquaza-megakyogre-primalscizortogeticgengarraichu
Alexander Kuhn | 4th at Preganziol & 3rd at Arnhem Regionals| rayquaza-megakyogre-primalthundurusscizorclefairysmeargle
Lee Provost | 2nd at Glasgow Regionals | rayquaza-megakyogre-primalcrobatferrothornhitmontoptogekiss
Ben Grover | 4th at Glasgow Regionals | rayquaza-megakyogre-primalcrobatferrothorntogekissludicolo
Adam Mack | 6th at Glasgow Regionals | rayquaza-megakyogre-primalclefairyferrothornraichuwhimsicott
Luis Conti | 1st at Arnhem Regionals | kangaskhan-megarayquaza-megakyogre-primalthundurusaegislashamoonguss
Eloy Hahn | 2nd at Arnhem Regionals | kangaskhan-megarayquaza-megakyogretalonflameaegislashlandorus-therian
Stephen Morioka | 8th at Collinsville Regionals | gengar-megarayquaza-megakyogre-primalaegislashcrobatthundurus
Sam Johnson | 3rd at Anaheim Regionals | rayquaza-megakyogre-primalliepardtalonflametogekisssmeargle
Gerald Delacruz | 7th at Anaheim Regionals| rayquaza-megakyogre-primaltalonflamecresseliascizorbreloom
Carlos Holguin | 3rd at Peru Regionals | gengar-megarayquaza-megakyogre-primalcrobatscizorlandorus-therian
Javier Parada | 4th at Peru Regionals | rayquaza-megakyogre-primalscizortogeticgengarraichu
Manuel Juarez | 5th at Peru Regionals | kangaskhan-megarayquaza-megakyogre-primalcresseliaweavileferrothorn
Federico Impemba | 3rd at Argentina Regionals | rayquaza-megakyogre-primalraichugengarscizortogetic
Chalkey Horenstein | 5th at Florida Regionals |  mawile-megarayquaza-megakyogre-primalbronzongwalreinsmeargle
Brandon Myers | 2nd at Oregon Regionals | rayquaza-megakyogre-primalludicolozapdosarcanineferrothorn
Jonathan Juraez | 2nd at Mexico Regionals |  rayquaza-megakyogre-primalraichuferrothorntalonflameweavile
Lee Provost | 6th at Dublin Regionals |  rayquaza-megakyogre-primalferrothorncrobathitmontoptogekiss

Kyogre + Dialga
Kyogre and Dialga are a rather new core. The idea of this core is to use Kyogre's Rain to block the fire types move to make it easier for Dialga to do the main thing it wants to and set up Trick Room to help the slow Kyogre use Water Spout with more health. The Dialga works out because it can reliably handle RayOgre.

Notable accomplishments this core has received, the players that used it, and their team (6)

Chandra | 2nd at Stockholm Regionals | kangaskhan-megakyogre-primaldialgalandorus-theriancresseliaamoonguss
Daryl Sprenger | 4th Innsbruck Regionals |  mawile-megakyogre-primaldialgatalonflametogekisshitmontop
Alex Underhill | 6th at Collinsville Regionals |  kangaskhan-megasalamence-megadialgakyogre-primalamoongusscresselia
Wolfe Glick | 1st at Florida Regionals |  salamence-megadialgakyogre-primallandorus-therianthundurusferrothorn
Conan Thompson | 6th at Oregon Regionals |  gengar-megasalamence-megadialgakyogre-primalcrobatcresselia
Emilio Estrada | 7th at Oregon Regionals |  mawile-megadialgakyogre-primalcresseliaamoongusstalonflame

Groudon + Xerneas

The final core we'll be covering is probably the most famous one out here. Groudon and Xerneas form an amazing offensive pin with fire and fairy moves and also has some nice defensive synergy as well. When I go into the teams, there will be a lot of these teams so i'll show them all, but keep this in mind.

Notable accomplishments this core has received, the players that used it, and their team (51)

Markus Stadter | 1st at Stockholm Regionals |  kangaskhan-megasalamence-megagroudon-primalxerneastalonflamesmeargle
Baris Ackos | 7th at Stockholm Regionals |  kangaskhan-megasalamence-megagroudon-primalxerneastalonflamesmeargle
RangerBuddy | 8th at Stockholm Regionals |  mawile-megagroudon-primalxerneasweavilehydreigoncresselia
Saw Lip Leon | 1st at Singapore Regionals |  kangaskhan-megasalamence-megagroudon-primalxerneastalonflamesmeargle
Yan Ze Guan | 6th at Singapore Regionals |  kangaskhan-megasalamence-megagroudon-primalxerneastalonflamesmeargle
Chan Ji Yun | 8th at Singapore Regionals |  kangaskhan-megasalamence-megagroudon-primalxerneastalonflamesmeargle
Nicolas Del Campo | 1st at Chile Regionals |  kangaskhan-megagroudon-primalxerneastalonflamelandorus-therianamoonguss
Alexis Hormazabal | 7th at Chile Regionals |  kangaskhan-megasalamence-megagroudon-primalxerneastalonflamesmeargle
Nicolas Matus | 8th at Chile Regionals |  salamence-megagroudon-primalxerneascresseliasmeargleamoonguss
Zhe Zhang | 1st at Taiwan Regionals |  kangaskhan-megasalamence-megagroudon-primalxerneastalonflamesmeargle
Jie-Ru Lin | 2nd at Taiwan Regionals |  kangaskhan-megagroudon-primalxerneastalonflamesmeargleclefairy
Yu-Xiang Zhang | 5th at Taiwan Regionals |  lopunny-megagroudon-primalxerneasgengarsmeargleclefairy
Daniel Oztekin | 3rd at Wakefield Regionals |  kangaskhan-megasalamence-megagroudon-primalxerneastalonflamesmeargle
Dominic Thodes | 4th at Wakefield Regionals |  kangaskhan-megagroudon-primalxerneascrobatferrothorntalonflame
Joseph Richardson | 5th at Wakefield Regionals | kangaskhan-megasalamence-megagroudon-primalxerneastalonflamesmeargle
Phillip De Sousa | 8th at Wakefield Regionals |  kangaskhan-megasalamence-megagroudon-primalxerneastalonflamesmeargle
Sebastian Escalante | 1st at Argentina Regionals |  salamence-megagroudon-primalxerneasliepardtalonflamesmeargle
Christopher Soto | 2nd at Argentina Regionals |  kangaskhan-megagroudon-primalxerneaslandorusliepardcradily
Alejandro Diaz | 3rd at Argentina Regionals |  kangaskhan-megagroudon-primalxerneastalonflamelandorus-therianamoonguss
Fernando Ferreira | 5th at Argentina Regionals |  salamence-megagroudon-primalxerneascresseliasmearglecrobat
Pascal Hoppenburg | 3rd at Innsbruck Regionals |  kangaskhan-megasalamence-megagroudon-primalxerneastalonflamesmeargle
Damir Lokmic | 5th at Innsbruck Regionals |  kangaskhan-megagroudon-primalxerneastalonflameferrothorncresselia
Noah Fuchs | 8th at Innsbruck & 4th at Arnhem Regionals  |  kangaskhan-megasalamence-megagroudon-primalxerneascrobatsmeargle
Paul Chua | 1st at Virginia Regionals | kangaskhan-megasalamence-megagroudon-primalxerneastalonflamesmeargle
Alec Rubin | 2nd at Virginia Regionals | kangaskhan-megasalamence-megagroudon-primalxerneastalonflamesmeargle
Tommy Cooleen | 3rd at Virginia Regionals | kangaskhan-megagroudon-primalxerneastalonflamesmearglecresselia
Samuel Amity | 4th at Virginia Regionals | kangaskhan-megasalamence-megagroudon-primalxerneastalonflamesmeargle
Tiago Maltez | 7th at Virginia Regionals | kangaskhan-megasalamence-megagroudon-primalxerneassmearglecresselia
Kazi Rahman | 8th at Virginia Regionals | kangaskhan-megasalamence-megagroudon-primalxerneastalonflamesmeargle
Rafik Saldi  | 5th at Arnhem Regionals | kangaskhan-megasalamence-megagroudon-primalxerneastalonflamesmeargle
Shaun Martin | 2nd at Collinsville Regionals | kangaskhan-megagroudon-primalxerneasclefabletalonflamesmeargle
Alberto Lara | 6th at Anaheim Regionals | kangaskhan-megasalamence-megagroudon-primalxerneascresseliasmeargle
Paul Ruiz | 1st at Peru Regionals | salamence-megagroudon-primalxerneaswhimsicottgreninjaamoonguss
Nicolas del Campo | 2nd at Peru Regionals | salamence-megakangaskhan-megagroudon-primalxerneastalonflameraichu
Victor Ortiz | 6th at Peru Regionals | kangaskhan-megasalamence-megagroudon-primalxerneastalonflameamoonguss
Brando Medina | 7th at Peru Regionals | kangaskhan-megagroudon-primalxerneastalonflameraichusmeargle
Andre Quinonez | 8th at Peru Regionals | kangaskhan-megasalamence-megagroudon-primalxerneastalonflamesmeargle
Sebastain Escalante | 2nd at Argentina Regionals | salamence-megagroudon-primalxerneastalonflameliepardsmeargle
Federico Andino | 7th at Argentina Regionals | salamence-megagroudon-primalxerneastalonflamegengarsmeargle
Nicolas Campos | 8th at Argentina Regionals | salamence-megagroudon-primalxerneascrobatraichuferrothorn
Ashton Cox | 4th at Florida Regionals | kangaskhan-megaxerneasgroudon-primalgengaramoongusspikachu
Randy Kwa | 1st at Oregon Regionals | salamence-megagroudon-primalxerneastalonflamesmeargleespeon
Brandt Willems | 4th at Oregon Regionals | kangaskhan-megasalamence-megagroudon-primalxerneastalonflamesmeargle
Markell Thornton | 8th at Oregon Regionals | kangaskhan-megasalamence-megagroudon-primalxerneastalonflamesmeargle
Ruben Espinoza | 4th at Mexico Regionals | kangaskhan-megasalamence-megagroudon-primalxerneastalonflamesmeargle
Israel Olmedo | 8th at Mexico Regionals | kangaskhan-megagroudon-primalxerneasferrothornraichutalonflame
William Tansley | 1st at Dublin Regionals | kangaskhan-megasalamence-megagroudon-primalxerneastalonflamesmeargle
David Mizrahi | 3rd at Dublin Regionals | kangaskhan-megasalamence-megagroudon-primalxerneastalonflamesmeargle
Miguel Marti | 5th at Dublin Regionals | kangaskhan-megasalamence-megagroudon-primalxerneastalonflamecresselia
Guillermo Ibanez | 7th at Dublin Regionals | kangaskhan-megasalamence-megagroudon-primalxerneastalonflamecresselia
Mark Mcquillan | 8th at Dublin Regionals | kangaskhan-megasalamence-megagroudon-primalxerneastalonflamesmeargle

Some interesting this to note from Regionals
  1. Drew Nowak used a physical Thundurus with Wild Charge and Superpower (1st at Collinsville)
  2. Randy Kwa used a Scarfed Espeon to counter Smeargle
  3. Samuel Harssama and Chalkey Horenstien used Walrein to both get 5th at their respective Regionals
  4. Kamaal Harris used a Follow Me Lucario. Trista Medine used this as well to get 9th at Virginia
  5. Gary Qian used Uproar Porygon-Z to prevent his team from getting put to sleep
I hoped you enjoyed this. Thanks to RpIndaHouse for posting the Top Cut team from every Regional so far. It made it much easier to do this. Hope to see you soon


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