VGC '16 Restricted Legends Tier List

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Hey people. I thought that since the last Restricted Legend tier list on the NB forums didn't turn out as well in the public eye (no offense to the dude who made it), I though I try my hand at one. Because I had trouble with it at first, I looked to Ray Rizzo's tier list he made at the very beginning of the season, which helped out a lot. If you have any opinions on how it should be, then voice your opinions in the fabulous comment section as I love to read comments. Without further ado, here it is. I will put the tier, followed by a brief description on my reasoning behind each decision. Let's start. 

S+ Tier: groudon-primalxerneas
Reason -- P-Groudon has impressive stats, good physical bulk though lackluster Sp. Defense. For a moveset, the ability to go for a Special, Physical or Mixed set and still succeed is impressive, which is why it's this high. Xerneas is this high because it can use 1-turn Geomancy when holding the Power Herb to get + 2 in Sp. Attack, Sp. Defense, and Speed. After that, there's not much that can beat it. Even without those boosts, it still sports an impressive 131 Sp. Attack stat and solid defenses that allow it to be a force to be reckoned with. 

S Tier: dialgakyogre-primal
Reason -- I think this is where Dialga should be. The reason is that I mainly think of the 2010 set where Dialga would set up Trick Room for its team. I still feel like that could be a good idea since one of the biggest threats, Xerneas can't really touch Dialga and Dialga can freely Trick Room or go for Flash Cannon. Combine that with a vast movepool of things it doesn't need, but could enjoy and you have a strong threat. The other member is P-Kyogre. I may be a little bias but P-Kyogre is amazing. While it's movepool may be pretty shallow, it does get some nice moves on the Special side like Origin Pulse, Scald, Ice Beam, Thunder, and Water Spout. Good bulk and a nice Speed stat with good offensive power makes P-Kyogre a high tier threat.

A Tier: rayquaza-mega
Reason -- Even though M-Rayquaza isn't as strong as people thought it would be, it still certainly is strong. A great ability in Delta Stream that makes Rayquaza bulkier than ever, combined with the base defense stats of M-Kangaskhan, though it uses them differently. A vast movepool and the ability to use fire and water moves to handle the Primals, as well as strong offensive stats to 1HKO or 2HKO most of the format is great. The problem is the reliance on its ability makes it pretty reliant on Pokemon that can keep its weather up so it can spread its destruction is why I placed it in A tier.

B Tier: palkiamewtwo-mega-yho-ohyveltal 
Reason: Palkia is a Pokemon that has a great defensive typing in Water/Dragon. It's mostly here cause I agree that when Ray put it in the B tier wild card slot, I saw nothing wrong with it. That's also why M-Mewtwo Y is here. Ho-Oh is here because the standard P-Groudon set and P-Groudon in general. It's also has some amazing bulk, being able to take hits and has some supportive potential with Recover and Safeguard. Yveltal is here because of its ability Dark Aura which can help its team out. A good way to do that is to use Sucker Punch from M-Mawile to get the Dark Aura boost. You can also Swagger foes so Yveltal can get boosted Foul Plays for total destruction.

C Tier:  giratinalugiamewtwo-mega-x
Reason -- The Giratina forms are interesting because they can wall M-Kangaskhan if it has the standard set.  Lugia is a very bulky support Pokemon that can take hits and dish out hits, though it won't be as strong since even if it uses Calm Mind, it won't be doing major damage. M-Mewtwo X is cool cause of its  Steadfast ability so Kang can flinch it, and it'll get faster. A strong physical movepool can make it a threat, if it has a better physical movepool, but what can you do. I never seen Reshiram but I can agree with Ray on this one. Zekrom can OHKO P-Kyogre with Fusion Bolt and has supportive aspects with Tailwind. Kyurem-W is here because even though it has a bad defensive typing and is slower than Xerneas, it can pull off some nice tricks with powerful moves that can leave the opponent wondering why it tried to take down Kyurem-W.

D Tier: mewtwo
Reason -- Mewtwo is mostly down here because while it's not the strongest it's good enough to get out of F but not good enough for C.  Kyurem-B is down here because even though it lacks a physical Ice move, it's strong enough as a Mixed attacker and definitely not F status.

F Tierkyuremkyogre rayquazagroudon
Reason -- These 5 are just bad. Heavily outclassed by their far superior forms that make these guys just not worth using. Zygarde on the other hand is in a level of bad far from the other 4. Bad stats, the only viable Dragon moves is Dragon Tail and Outrage which are just bad.  Weak and outclassed by Garchomp who is outclassed by Landorus-T. Just don't use them. In Zygarde's case, just wait for its 100% form to be released for Zygarde to be better.

Thanks. Follow me on Twitter @KurokyuneVGC for updates. Leave your opinions in comment section below. See you next time


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