VGC '16 Pokemon Spotlight #6: Mewtwo

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Hey everyone. Welcome to the Pokemon Spotlight, where we'll shine the light on a Pokemon you'll encounter so you'll know how to deal with them. Today, we'll be shining that light on Mewtwo. Mewtwo is a very famous Pokemon, getting a main part in 3 Pokemon movies, appearing in 2 Smash Bros. games, and getting 2 Mega Evolutions too his name. But in all seriousness, Mewtwo is an awesome Pokemon that has some cool things he can do. Let's see how cool they actually are by checking out the Base Stats for Mewtwo and both of its forms.

106 HP         154 Sp. Attack
110 Attack     90 Sp. Defense
90 Defense   130 Speed

Normal Mewtwo has some amazing stats. 106/90/90 isn't as bulky as it could be, but Mewtwo isn't mean to take hits, it's meant to dish out damage, and with 110/154 for those offenses, you'll most certainly be doing that very well.
Tip: Slap a Life Orb and you can do more damage than both of it's Mega Evolutions.

Mega Mewtwo X
106 HP          154 Sp. Attack
190 Attack    120 Sp. Defense
100 Defense  130 Speed

Upon Mega Evolving into Mega Mewtwo X, Mewtwo gets some nice stat gains. 106/100/120 for its defenses are pretty nice since Mewtwo can take hits better, then use its impressive 190/120 offensive stats to cause some amazing damage to take out threats. 130 is very fast for Mewtwo since it speed ties with Mega Gengar, which is amazing since it'll be using moves first, but will fail under Trick Room cause of its speed.

Mega Mewtwo Y
106 HP         194 Sp. Attack
150 Attack    120 Sp. Defense
70 Defense    140 Speed

Mega Mewtwo Y is very interesting. 106/70/120 is pretty average, but also very nice from a sweeping perspective, but I have a problem with the fact that M-Mewtwo-Y loses 20 points of defense when it Mega Evolves, which makes it a big issue when facing down M-Kangaskhan since you'll be taking more damage, and probably getting dropped in 1 hit, which means Intimidate users like Lando-T for a P-Groudon answer, and M-Mawile for a cool double Mega option. Overall, Mewtwo has some strong stats and I recommend trying them out. Now, let's hit those top 10 moves and items from the Generation Showdown.

Top 10 moves from the Generation Showdown

  1.  Psystrike -- 75.3%
  2. Aura Sphere -- 53.2%
  3. Ice Beam -- 44.7%
  4. Protect -- 28.4%
  5. Shadow Ball -- 24.2%
  6. Recover -- 12.1%
  7. Psychic -- 11.6%
  8. Fire Blast -- 11.1%
  9. Grass Knot -- 8.4%
  10. Calm Mind -- 7.9%
  11. Other Moves -- 123.2%
Top 10 items from the Generation Showdown
  1. Mewtwonite Y -- 42.6%
  2. Life Orb -- 18.4%
  3. Mewtwonite X -- 16.3%
  4. Choice Specs -- 6.3%
  5. Assault Vest -- 2.1%
  6. Focus Sash -- 2.1%
  7. Lum Berry -- 2.1%
  8. Choice Scarf -- 1.6%
  9. Light Clay -- 1.1%
  10. Expert Belt -- 1.1%
  11. Other Moves -- 6.3%
As you can see, Mewtwo has some awesome moves it can use, mostly because it has access to every TM, HM, and tutor move expect the starter moves and Draco Meteor, which means it the easiest Pokemon to put a coverage move that your team may need. For the item, I recommend just going for an offensive item since Mewtwo is a Pokemon that likes to do damage. Now, if you know the drill, here's a Mewtwo moveset video.
Partners for Mewtwo
  1. Intimidate Users -- Since Mewtwo is a very frail Pokemon, Intimidate users like Lando-T and M-Mawile can be really nice since they can help Mewtwo take moves better.
  2. Fairy Types -- Fairy types like Xerneas can handle the Dark types like Yveltal to give Mewtwo an easier time on the field.
How to beat Mewtwo
  1. M-Kangaskhan - Strong physical moves can easily deal with Mewtwo's lackluster physical defense.
  2. Strong Damage - Since Mewtwo doesn't have bulk to its name, then doing big damage to Mewtwo can take it out easily and give your opponent some issues.
I hoped you enjoyed this. Let me know your opinions and if you want, follow me on Twitter @KurokyneVGC. I'll see you next time with another Pokemon Spotlight for VGC2016. I'll see you next time. Bye!


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