VGC '16 Pokemon Spotlight #5: Yveltal

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Hey everyone. After our Xerneas, I thought it's high-time I hit the Pokemon that is the opposite of death after going for the life Pokemon. Yveltal is a very cool Pokemon, being able to use its ability, nice stats, and solid movepool for the roles it can perform. Now, because I don't have anything else important to say, let's go into those stats for everyone's favorite Bacon Bird.


126 HP         131 Sp. Attack
131 Attack.   98 Sp. Defense
95 Defense    99 Speed

On the surface, Yveltal has some awesome stats. 126/95/98 is some amazing defensive bulk and the potential to take major hits is incredible. 131/131 is cool and amazing, but most Yveltal are Special attackers, but physical is a cool option. 99 Speed is awkward since you underspeed base 100's, which is weird. Now that I realize it, Yveltal and Xerneas have the same stats, do that's cool to consider since even though they have the same stats, they use them in different ways. Now, I wanna go into the moves that Yveltal used in the Generation Showdown, as well as the items it used to help get an idea on how Yveltal should be played.

Common Moves & Percentage of Usage

  1. Foul Play -- 55.2%
  2. Protect -- 54.5%
  3. Oblivion Wing -- 53.1%
  4. Snarl -- 51.7% 
  5. Dark Pulse -- 43.4%
  6. Sucker Punch -- 39.9%
  7. Heat Wave -- 23.1%
  8. Tailwind -- 15.4%
  9. Focus Blast -- 12.6%
  10. Knock Off -- 10.5%
  11. Other Moves -- 40.6%

Common Items & Percentage of Usage
  1. Life Orb -- 37.8%
  2. Assault Vest -- 14%
  3. Leftovers -- 10.5%
  4. Black Glasses -- 8.4%
  5. Sitrus Berry -- 6.3%
  6. Weakness Policy -- 4.2%
  7. Choice Specs -- 3.5%
  8. Choice Scarf -- 3.5%
  9. Dread Plate -- 2.8%
  10. Power Herb -- 2.1%
  11. Other Items -- 7%
As you can see, Yveltal's moves and items can serve multiple roles. You can go for an attacking set with a Life Orb, Weakness Policy, or Choice item. You can go for a supportive set and give it Leftovers or a Sitrus Berry, or take the best of both worlds and use any item you need. Now, here's a moveset video.

Partners for Yveltal

  1. Mega Mawile - Mawile can take advantage of Yveltal's Dark Aura ability to use boosted Sucker Punches
  2. Thundurus and Liepard - Thundurus and Liepard can use the move Swagger to raise the opponent's Attack stat by 2 stages so Yvetal can come in and use the move Foul Play for more damage.
How to beat Yvetal
  1. Fairy Types - Fairy types like Xerneas and Mawile can use their powerful Fairy moves to handle Yveltal and resist the moves it can use for the most part.
I hope you enjoyed this. If you have any opinions on how to improve this, then let me know. Follow me on Twitter @KurokyuneVGC for updates on the blog and check out my older content. I'll see you next time everyone. Bye!


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