VGC '16 Pokemon Spotlight #3: Xerneas


Hey everyone. Last time, we reviewed Kyogre and its Primal. Now, were going to talk about without a doubt, the most threatening Pokemon in this metagame you will face and talk about what it does, how to deal with, and to hopefully give you a better understanding on Xerneas so you'll know what to do when facing it in tournament, or just in general. If your team doesn't have strong answers to Xerneas, you're going to have a bad time. Now, let's go into the base stats of Xerneas to see how good they are.


126 HP          131 Sp. Attack
131 Attack      98 Sp. Defense
95 Defense      99 Speed

Xerneas has some of the best stats I have seen in this format. 120/95/98 may not seem like the best, but if you can put some Intimidate support on the team, then Xerneas can take some nice physical hits. On the specially defensive side, then just set up Geomancy and you'll be fine. 131/131 for its offenses is very interesting. While you have a phenomenal 131 Attack stat, you don't have any Fairy moves to take advantage of it. On the other hand, that 131 Sp. Attack stat is probably your best bet since you can use Geomancy to get +2 Sp. Attack and take advantage of it's impressive special movepool. 99 Speed is a very awkward speed tier since your not outpeeding Mega Kangaskhan by a point or 2 without the Geomancy boost. Overall, some solid defensive stats, amazing offensive stats on the special side and a awkward speed stat puts Xerneas in a comfortable position as a offensive powerhouse. Now, I wanna show you some viable moves Xerneas can use to it's effectiveness. These moves will be from the Generation Showdown tournament that was held a little while back, as well as the percentage of usage. We will also being looking at item usage as well, just to give you extra ideas.

  1. Geomancy - 94.5%
  2. Dazzling Gleam - 80.3%
  3. Moonblast - 78.9%
  4. Protect - 70%
  5. Thunderbolt - 13.6%
  6. Focus Blast - 11.2%
  7. Grass Knot - 9.7%
  8. Hidden Power - 7%
  9. Psyshock - 6.5%
  10. Psychic - 6.4%
  11. Other moves - 21.8%
  1. Power Herb - 93.6%
  2. Choice Specs - 2.1%
  3. Choice Scarf - 1.8%
  4. Focus Sash - .5%
  5. Pixie Plate - .3%
  6. Life Orb - .3%
  7. Light Clay - .3%
  8. White Herb - .3%
  9. Assault Vest - .2%
  10. Expert Belt - .2%
  11. Other held items - .5%
For the moves, Xerneas is very one-dimensional. The main set from the usage is the Geomany set with dual fairy moves and hold the Power Herb to get a 1 turn Geomancy. The other moves are just coverage to switch out for something like Moonblast and if your not running Geomancy, then your really limiting your Xerneas' effectiveness since you'll need to invest your EV's move into offense while forgoing defensive bulk.  

Now, I wanna show off another video from KyleCole. Still a good video and is very smart. If Cybertron does a video on this, then I will update this and add the video.

  1. Redirection and Fake Out - Pokemon with Follow Me and Rage Powder are going to be great for helping Xerneas set up Geomancy to sweep. Fake Out is also good to literally make it so one of their Pokemon can't set up so you can get off a safer Geomancy to sweep
  2. Primal Kyogre and Primal Groudon - Dazzling Gleam from Xerneas and Origin Pulse/ Precipice Blades from  Kyogre and Groudon can form an amazing pin, doing a ton of damage to targets.
  1. Steel Types - As a Fairy type, Xerneas can be taken down easier by Steel types like Aegislash and Ferrothorn, resisting its Fairy moves and taken a ton of damage from Gyro Ball, while doing more damage as it sets up Geomancy.
  2. Taunt - If you can Taunt Xerneas before it sets up Geomancy, you'll really neuter their effectiveness, making it easier to win.
I hope you enjoyed this Xerneas analysis. If you have any questions, feel free to let me know and i'll try to answer them in a timely matter. Follow me on Twitter @KurokyuneVGC for updates on when new content comes out or just to here my thoughts on life. I'll see you next time. Bye!


  1. These articles are really good for beginners. Being the information addict that I am though, I'm always craving more detail. Any chance you might revisit these later in the season with more details, such as good partners, teams, more example sets, and more details on which sets get beaten by what, and perhaps example damage calculations?

    Keep up the good work, your enthusiasm for the task is inspiring.

    1. Thanks. As the meta develops, I'll add the info of how the meta treated them