VGC '16 Pokemon Spotlight #2 – Kyogre

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Hey everyone. Last time, I analyzed Groudon and its Primal form. Today, we'll be talking about Kyogre and it's Primal form. Primal Kyogre is the replacement to Politoed in the metagame, the difference being Kyogre has better bulk, better offenses, and can keep it's Rain up when it undergoes Primal Reversion. Politoed may see some usage at tournaments when players are building their teams and realize they don't have a Kyogre in-game and uses their Politoed instead. Now, I wanna talk about it's base stats to see what their all about.

Normal Kyogre Base Stats

100 HP            150 Sp. Attack
100 Attack       140 Sp. Defense
90 Defense         90 Speed 

As you can see, Kyogre has some nice stats. 100/90/140 for it's defenses mean you'll be taking some major hits, but some physical hits will definitely hurt, but you can't have everything perfect. 100 Attack is nice, but that 150 Sp. Attack means you'll be using special moves more, but physical doesn't seem to be a bad idea. 90 Speed is pretty average, but a nice Tailwind and some speed control can certainly help make Kyogre a fast Pokemon that can do some major damage as well. Overall, solid stats, good bulk, and some firepower for those offenses.

Primal Kyogre Base Stats

100 HP         180 Sp. Attack
150 Attack    160 Sp. Defense
90 Defense      90 Speed

Once it becomes a Primal, it's stats gain a major boost. 100/90/160 is still basically the same, expect for a 20 point boost to that Sp. Defense stat, which is still helpful. 150 Attack is amazing since you can justify using physical Kyogre with Waterfall, which I guess is cool to do. 180 Sp. Attack is amazing and expect to do major damage with Kyogre on targets that can be hit. 90 Speed is still average, but like I said earlier, speed control can fix that easily, like it can fix the speed of most Pokemon. Overall, amazing bulk (except for that defense stat), great offensive stats, and an average Speed stat that can be easily fixed. Now, let's go into those moves to see what viable moves you can run on Kyogre. While I have said that the physical variant could be cool, I won't go into to much depth with it. If it one day becomes viable in the metagame, then that would be amazing, but I won't go into insane depth with it.


  1. Ice Beam - Standard Ice coverage move for Grass and Dragon types
  2. Origin Pulse - Standard Water spread move for causing major damage
  3. Calm Mind - A great way to gain boost to make winning easier
  4. Hydro Pump - Strong single-target water move
  5. Water Spout - Great for doing major damage while conserving your health
  6. Hidden Power [Ground] - Nice tech move for dealing with Primal Groudon
  7. Thunderbolt - Great Electric coverage in and out of the Rain
  8. Thunder - Great Electric coverage to take advantage of your Rain
  9. Protect - Cause Protect is amazing
  10. Scald - Reliable, single target Water move
  11. Icy Wind - Great Speed control
  12. Psych Up - Pair it up with a Pokemon that can boost it's stats, gain those stats and sweep
As you can see, Kyogre has some great moves, including coverage, strong STAB moves, and some cool support moves you can take advantage of to help your opponent. Now, I wanna show a video from a YouTuber by the name of KyleCole. He has been doing a video on each restricted Pokemon in the new format. This is an awesome video and I hope you enjoy it.

  1. Cresselia - Cresselia can offer the use of the move Gravity to make sure Kyogre can use a more reliable Origin Pulse, Trick Room and Skill Swap for weather control in the match
  2. Role Play/Skill Swap users - Like Cresselia, the moves Role Play and Skill Swap are really strong since you can use Role Play to give the Pokemon that used the move the weather and Skill Swap to switch the weather of the Pokemon that uses the move to switch abilities with your Kyogre to set up the Rain.
  3. Xerneas - Once Xerneas sets up a Geomancy, Kyogre can use the move Psych Up to copy the +2 Sp. Attack, +2 Sp. Defense, and +2 Speed that Xerneas gets to put SO MUCH offensive pressure on the field in 1 turn, though you have to waste a turn to do so, which is something to consider.
  4. Lightning Rod/ Volt Absorb - While not the most common, it can still be strong since you don't have to worry as much about moves like Thunderbolt and Thunder from Electric types like Thundurus, effectively crippling their effectiveness 
  1. Taking away its weather - Since Kyogre really enjoys its weather, taking away what it loves will really cripple
  2. Primal Groudon - Ok here me out. What I mean is Primal Groudon with it's weather. If Groudon has it's weather in a 1v1 with Kyogre, they'll  have a significant chance of winning since Ice Beam is a 3HKO on most Groudon
  3. Palkia - Palkia is able to resist the standard set and the best that Kyogre can do is use Ice Beam to 3HKO a 0HP/ 0SpD Palkia
  4. Zekrom - Being able to possibly OHKO Kyogre with a Fusion Bolt is huge, which gives Zekrom a nice niche
  5. Mega Kangaskhan - If your running an offensive Kyogre, be wary that a Double-Edge can KO you 70% of the time
I hope you enjoyed reading this. Expect the other restricted Pokemon Analysis to come out soon, metagame analysis, and just other content when it happens. Follow me on Twitter @KurokyuneVGC for updates on the blog and check out my older content. Also, I hope you you have an amazing holiday celebration. And if you don't celebrate any holidays, then I hope you have an amazing day or days. I'll see you next time everyone. Bye!


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