Changes to the Blog

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Hey everyone. For the blog, a few changes are going to happen. Since we got the new rules very recently, I thought a update would be in order. Let's start with changes that will happen.

Individual Pokémon Analysis

In the past, I have done them on Pokémon that were prominent in the 2015 metagame. With the new legends allowed, I will do every legend that has been granted access to VGC. This way, I can help you understand them. Keep in mind that I haven't used them, so I'll need to use them first so expect that.

Team Analysis 

Stay the same. Whatever I use that I want to and like to. Can't say what will happen, but I want to use Kyurem-White first so keep your eyes open to it.

VGC Metagame Changes

I will have to do a new one to mark the changes in VGC. It'll be a long one, but still a very important one to help you understand my view on this.

Thanks for reading this. Even though it's short, I just don't want to upload a new brand of content without letting you know. See you with the new VGC content. Bye.


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