VGC Venusaur Analysis


Glad you could stop on by! Today, I'll be covering Venusaur. Since I did Blastoise a few months ago, I thought it be a good idea to cover the other Kanto starters, since they're actually viable now in the metagame. Venusaur has often been overshadowed because when trainers begin there journey in the Kanto region, Bulbasaur is left out of the picture and the question becomes Charmander or Squirtle. Well, Venusaur has come back and is ready to have some fun now. With a new Mega Evolution under it's belt, Venusaur is ready to tank some hits and dish out some hits as well. Without further ado, let's get on with talking about Venusaur and everything it can do while first hitting those base stats that make up part of the reason Venusaur is so amazing.

80 HP (Non-Mega to Mega) - While not the highest, Venusaur will certainly be taking some hits, thanks to its solid typing and bulk before and after it Mega Evolves.
82-100 Attack (Non-Mega to Mega) - Won't even dive deep into this stat. Physical attacking Venusaur isn't the best way to use this Pokémon. The lack of good attacks means that this Pokémon won't be efficiently used on a physical spectrum.
83-123 Defense (Non-Mega to Mega) - This is part of the reason that Venusaur is so amazing. While in normal form, Venusaur won't be taking the biggest hits like Brave Bird from Talonflame, but once it Mega Evolves, that 123 Defense stat means it'll be taking some major hits expect Double-Edge from Mega Salamence.
100-122 Sp. Attack (Non-Mega to Mega) - Before Mega Evolving, Venusaur will be used mostly for that Sp. Attack stat, but once Mega Evolving, even though you'll be investing more into bulk, you'll still be able to use that stat to dish out some big hits.
100-120 Sp. Defense (Non-Mega to Mega) -  Like that Defense stat prior to Mega Evolving, Venusaur won't be known for taking massive hits. That job belongs to its Mega Evolution. 120 Sp. Defense means that Venusaur will be taking hits like a brick wall.
80 Speed (Non-Mega to Mega) - Only 80 Speed may seem like an issue, but combined with its Chlorophyll ability, normal Venusaur will be outspeeding the majority of the metagame. Mega Venusaur on the other hand losses the Chlorophyll ability and gains Thick Fat, so don't expect to get some major outspeeds with this brute unless you have Tailwind up or good amounts of speed control.

Overall, Venusaur has some solid stats, while not the best, they are good enough to justify usage and Venusaur will be a force to be reckoned with. Now, let's see what viable moves Venusaur can run.

  1. Leech Seed
  2. Sleep Powder
  3. Solar Beam
  4. Hidden Power (Ice, Ground, Fire)
  5. Protect
  6. Sludge Bomb
  7. Energy Ball
  8. Giga Drain
  9. Leaf Storm
  10. Grass Pledge
As you can see, Venusaur has a lot of offensive grass moves you can on Venusaur. The poison attack is pretty bare as Sludge Bomb is it's only viable option, Hidden Power is entirely dependent on the team. Ice is if your afraid of dragons, Ground is for Heatran, and Fire is for Ferrothorn and Scizor. Now, let's get into some competitive sets for Venusaur. 

My Venusaur set
Venusaur @ Focus Sash  
Ability: Chlorophyll  
EVs: 4 HP / 252 SpA / 252 Spe  
Modest Nature  
- Giga Drain  
- Sludge Bomb  
- Hidden Power [Ice]  
- Protect

This is the Venusaur that I used in my 3rd team analysis. Let's see what I had to say about Venusaur "Charizard's best friend. Since I was running a Sun team, I sadly couldn't efficiently run a bulky water type like Milotic, Jellicent, Suicune, or Rotom-Wash, which was sad. Venusaur was an awesome Pokemon for the team. It provided a way to handle water types like Swampert and Milotic, as well as Fairy types like Sylveon and Gardevoir. Combined with it's Chlorophyll ability, Venusaur is able to suddenly become a massive, offensive threat. I opted for the Focus Sash because I want my Venusaur to be able to take a hit from something like a Brave Bird from Talonflame or a Hyper Voice/ Double-Edge from Mega Salamence. The EV Spread is pretty simple. Max Sp. Attack and Max Speed is for the highest amount of damage and the ability to get the most amount of speed from this guy. Giga Drain is my main way of getting damage and recovering HP as well. Sludge Bomb is for those pesky fairy types like Sylveon and Gardevoir like i'd said above. Hidden Power [Ice] is the wildcard. I decided that because Landorus-T and Mega Salamence is such a threat, I wanted a way to handle it. Hidden Power [Ice] will do around 90-95% and because of my Focus Sash, i'll take the hit and use it for a 2nd time and faint it. I was told by other people to use either the Life Orb or the Expert Belt, but that would great interfere with the strategy I had when using Venusaur." Me (SamuelTemple2)

Cybertron's Mega Venusaur
Venusaur @ Venusaurite
Ability: Chlorophyll -> Thick Fat
EVs: 252 HP / 124 Def / 76 SpA / 52 SpD / 4 Spe
Bold Nature
- Giga Drain
- Sludge Bomb
- Leech Seed
- Protect

This is the Venusaur that Aaron Zheng (Cybertron) used to get 18th at the 2015 St. Louis Regionals, win APEX 2015, and win a 100+ person Premier Challenge. Because he did a video on the team, i'm going to link the video he did below. Hope you enjoy it.

Hope you enjoyed this analysis Venusaur. Venusaur is an awesome Pokemon to play that has had a lot of success in the 6th generation for VGC. See you next time for another article, no matter what it is. Peace everyone and have an amazing day.


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