VGC 2015 Latios Analysis

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Hey everyone. I decided to do this because I feel like Latios is very underated in this format. While it does have a 6 weaknesses, Pokémon like Tyranitar have 7 but still receives a ton of play. It has good stats, an amazing design, and a Mega Evolution, but I won't go to in depth as a normal Laitos with a Life Orb hits harder than its Mega, but can still be cool to run if you want to. I'll cover Latias at a later date, but for now, welcome to my Latios analysis. Let's start with the base stats.

VGC Trivia: In the 5th Generation, Latios was a dominant threat. This was because it held the Dragon Gem and fired off Draco Meteors taking out entire teams.

80 HP (non-Mega to Mega) An average HP stat, Latios won't be taking to many hits, but that's ok as you'll see later, Latios can pack a major punch.
90-130 Attack (non-Mega to Mega) While 90 Attack on normal Latios is very bad compared to its Special Attack, 130 on Mega Latios means it can be a dangerous Pokemon. With access to Dragon Dance, just partner it with a Friend Guard user like Clefairy and it can be a dangerous threat. The only problem is the moves you'll use.
80-100 Defense (non-Mega to Mega) I'll say this. I wish it had more in this stat. With threats like Mega Kangaskhan firing off high powered physical attacks, you'll be pretty easy to take out.
130-160 Sp. Attack (non-Mega to Mega) Amazing. Expect Latios to put dents into threats that can't be taken out. And after Mega Evolving, it'll be making craters into their entire team.
110-120 Sp. Defense (non-Mega to Mega) While it's not the highest, it's still usable. A very strong number that'll be taking hits in this Special Attacking metagame we're currently in. After Mega, it gets slightly higher so it can take those hits slightly better.
110 Speed - Nice. You'll be outspeeding Kangaskhan, Charizard, and Gardevoir, but at worst, be locked in a speed-tie with normal Gengar and Mega Metagross.

As you can see, Latios has some stats that lean more towards the Special side. Now let's see what moves you can run on Latios that are your best bet at achieving greatness.

  1. Draco Meteor
  2. Psyshock
  3. Ice Beam
  4. Hidden Power [Ground]
  5. Tailwind
  6. Thunderbolt
  7. Protect
  8. Heal Pulse
  9. Psychic
  10. Dragon Pulse
  11. Dragon Dance (Mega)
  12. Dragon Claw (Mega)
  13. Zen Headbutt (Mega)
As you can see, Latios has a vast movepool to make use of. Strong stats, a great movepool, and some supportive options. Now, let's see some competitive sets that players have made history.

Scott Glaza's Latios

Latios @ Dragon Gem
Ability: Levitate
EVs: 52 HP / 4 Def / 248 SpA / 4 SpD / 200 Spe
Timid Nature
- Psyshock
- Draco Meteor
- Hidden Power [Fire]
- Protect

This is the Latios that Scott used to get 10th Place at 2012 Worlds. Let's see what he had to say about his dragon "
I’m still kind of surprised I wound up using Latios because for most of the year I did not think very highly of it. While its combination of power and Speed is very attractive, its defensive stats are somewhat sketchy compared to some of its competitors, and the weaknesses to Dark and Ghost hurt a lot early in the season when Sucker Punch Hitmontop was still popular (I actually got killed by one of these at Worlds — apparently Germany missed the boat on dropping Sucker Punch) and Scarf Chandelure was seeing more use as a VGC 2011 holdover. As the year went on I started warming up to Latios mostly because of how much the metagame centralized around Dragons: when you have two Pokémon that you know are going to kill each other in a single shot if a defensive item isn’t present, having the fastest Pokémon in that group is pretty advantagous, and Latios and Latias tie for fastest Dragon. This spot on the team was held originally by Hydreigon, and while I think Hydreigon is in general a better Pokémon than Latios due to its slightly more useful bulk and typing, I liked how Latios complimented this team a lot more. Having something that tended to be the fastest Pokémon on the field without the need for weather or Trick Room was also helpful to avoid ending up in situations some Trick Room teams fall into where if they can’t control the field effects they’re getting threatened and not threatening anything back because of the gap in speed.
The moveset and EV spread are not particularly creative. I was just fast enough to be faster than max speed Garchomp (I couldn’t tie other Latios because of HP Fire, and would rather play around not being speed tied than gamble on a 50/50 where one of us are going to die, anyway), maxed Special Attack, and used the leftover EVs to make myself slightly less flimsy. Psyshock is there to deal with fighting Pokémon, Draco Meteor is the Pokémon version of the Staples easy button, and HP Fire gave me extra help against Ferrothorn and Scizor, which were pretty annoying to deal with in general. Dragon Gem Draco Meteor isn’t the kill button it was early in the season due to the community wising up and EVing most Pokémon to survive it, but it does create a lot of pressure and guarantees kills on basically anything that has been weakened at all. It also went a long way toward improving my match-up with Calm Thundurus. If Thundurus is EVed correctly I can’t kill it one shot, but I apply a ton of pressure and can pick up the kill with Fake Out, Feint, or Bullet Punch+ Draco Meteor if my opponent opens themselves up to it. One thing I liked about leading Latios into Thundurus was also that if they didn’t have Taunt to stop Cresselia’s Trick Room (and sometimes even if they did) they would misread my intention because I had something fast out and paralyze Latios while I Trick Roomed, essentially giving me an extra Trick Room sweeper and putting me in a much better position for the first turn of Trick Room than I’d have been in if they’d done literally anything else." - Scott Glaza (Scott)

Randy Kwa's Latios

Latios (M) @ Dragon Gem ***Cybuster
Ability: Levitate
EVs: 4 HP / 248 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Timid Nature (+Spd, -Atk)
-  Draco Meteor
- Psyshock
- Helping Hand
- Protect

This is the Latios that Randy Kwa used to in the VGCS Winter Battle and in the Nugget Bridge Major in the 2012 Season. Let's see what  Randy had to say about this "At least until I replaced it with a fairly standard Latios for the last bit of the Major and the VGCS Winter Battle. Any sort of individuality for a Latios moveset will come from what you choose for Latios’ 4th moveslot after Draco Meteor, Psychic or Psyshock, and Protect. Since I don’t have an IV spread for a usable Hidden Power, I decided to go with Helping Hand. I didn’t use Helping Hand too much, but the primary application for it was to OHKO Cresselia with a Helping Hand boosted Bug Bite. Latios, in combination with Staraptor, helped me out a lot against Wolfey in the Nugget Bridge Major finals. Between those two Pokemon, I was able to play around being trapped thanks to the immediate pressure they put on just about any Pokemon. Although Gem Draco Meteor is a powerful move, I often found the Sp Atk Drop and 90% accuracy to be a bit of a hassle when dealing with lower ranked players in the tourney, as it could leave me open for some hax. Fortunately for me, Draco Meteor (almost) always hit when it counted." - Randy Kwa (R Inaminate)

Other successful Latios that have seen their own happiness in the metagame in either past or present

Jeudy Azzerali's 2013 Philadelphia Regionals - Link
Simon Yip's 2013 Top 4 Winter Regionals - Link

I hope you enjoyed this. If you have any suggestions, feel free to let me know either on Twitter using my handle @KurokyuneVGC, in the comments below, or on NuggetBridge under my username SamuelTemple2. Have an amazing day and i'll see you next time.


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