Guide to 2015 VGC Perish Trap Teams


Hey everybody. I decided to this analysis on a team strategy that can be annoying to play, but is still good none the less. That's right, i'll be talking about Perish Trap. For those of you who don't know, or just want a simple refresher on this, then this is something for you to read. Hope you enjoy it and let's dive on in to this guide.

What is Perish Trap?
  • Uses the move Perish Song to make sure any Pokemon that here's the song will faint in 3 turns
  • Adds the ability Shadow Tag to make sure they can't escape 
  • Combines to become the Perish Trap we all know & sometimes love
Why use a Perish Trap Team?
  • Gives certain Pokemon a new way to shine or gives them any relevancy in the metagame
  • A fun way to use certain Pokemon 
  • Great for climbing the low ladder on Pokémon Showdown or the Rated Doubles Ladder in-game
How to know it's a Perish Trap Team?
  • Perish Song users - Sets the stage for the Shadow Tag user to do it's thing
  • Shadow Tag users - Locks the target in for the REAL fun
  • Support - Helps the other 2 do their thing 
In my other 4 team strategy guides, this would be the point where I show some successful teams that have used the strategy to do well in the past & present. Instead, I wanna show off some main cores you can use to make sure it works.

Greninja +  Mega Gengar
The idea of this lead is to have Greninja go for a fast Mat Block turn 1 while Gengar Mega Evolves turn 1 as well and sets up the Perish Song. Becuase of Greninja's base 123 speed stat, it can reliably do this. After that, Greninja's main job is done and can be used however you need it to.

Raichu + Mega Gengar
The idea of this lead is to have Raichu act in 1 or 2 ways, As the fastest Fake Out user in the game, your opponent may try to Protect turn 1. If you predict this, you can set up the Perish Song turn 1 by going for Fake Out onto their Taunt user and the next turn, use Encore to lock them into Protect and have Gengar use Disable to force them to Struggle as long as their alive. Raichu also gets Volt Switch so you can switch Gengar out into another Pokemon while using Volt Switch with Raichu to bring Gengar back in while not breaking Shadow Tag's effect.

Scrafty + Mega Gengar
This is a pretty simple lead. The idea here is to use Fake Out with Scrafty onto the biggest threat and set up Perish Song with Gengar. While it is pretty straightforward, it is the most effective way to do so as Scrafty can support Gengar with Intimidate and Knock Off to make KO'ing Gengar more difficult so you can win the battle easier. 

Kangaskhan & Mega Gengar
This is my favorite Perish Trap lead as when you lead these to, your opponent will think that it's a Mega Kangaskhan with support Gengar. However, there is one, big surprise. It's a support Kangaskhan and Mega Gengar. The idea is to have Kangaskhan go for the turn 1 Fake Out so Gengar can sing it's Perish Song. The Kangaskhan will also be seen with Disable to help if they decide to Protect to block the incoming Fake Out. The reason I like it so much is the surprise factor. 

Now, let's go into some examples of teams that have done well in the past. 

Wolfe Glick's 2015 Perish Trap Team
Accomplishments: 1st at 2015 Massachusetts Regionals
Perish Song Users: Politoed & Mega Gengar
Shadow Tag Users: Mega Gengar & Gothitelle
Everyone Else; Amoonguss, Arcanine, & Scrafty

Jamie Kean's 2015 Perish Trap Team
Accomplishments: Top 32 at 2015 UK and German Nationals
Perish Song Users: Mega Gengar
Shadow Tag Users:  Mega Gengar
Everyone Else; Whimiscott, Thundurus, Landorus, Bisharp, & Heatran

A Japanese Player's 2014 Perish Trap Team
Accomplishments: 15th at 2014 Pokémon Arena Off: A GrassRoots Tournament in Toyko
Perish Song Users: Politoed & Mega Gengar
Shadow Tag Users:  Mega Gengar & Gothitelle
Everyone Else; Kingdra, Amoonguss, & Scrafty

Pascal Kiefer's 2016 Perish Trap Team
Accomplishments: 1st at 2016 Wurzburg Regionals
Perish Song Users: Mega Gengar & Politoed
Shadow Tag Users: Mega Gengar
Everyone Else: Mega Swampert, Thundurus-Therian, Scrafty, & Amoonguss

Jéremy Rosier's 2016 Perish Trap Team
Accomplishments: 2nd 2016 Namen Regionals
Perish Song Users: Mega Gengar & Politoed
Shadow Tag Users: Mega Gengar & Gothitelle
Everyone Else: Scrafty, Rotom-Heat, & Liepard

Common Pokemon you'll see on a Perish Trap Team
  • Shadow Tag Users; Mega Gengar, Gothitelle, & Wobbuffet
  • Perish Song Users: Lapras, Politoed, Misdreavus, Gengar, Azumarill, Dewgong
  • Support Pokemon: Anything that has access to Fake Out, Encore/Disable, or any form of redirection 
  • Eject Button - Forces the holder to switch out when hit by a damaging move
How to Beat Perish Trap
  • Taunt - Stops the Perish Song user from using the move
  • High-Powered Moves - KO'ing your opponents Pokemon before they start doing their thing
  • Ghost types/ other Shadow Tag users - They can switch out and end the effect of Perish Song onto them
I hope you enjoyed this. If you have any suggestions, either let me know on NuggetBridge under my username SamuelTemple2, or on Twitter where you can follow me as well @KurokyuneVGC. I'll see you next time everyone. Peace!


  1. Great article and a really in depth look into perish trap.

    1. Thanks. I haven't used Perish Trap much, so I had to do a lot of research to do this, but i'm glad it worked out