VGC Tyranitar Analysis

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Welcome. Thanks to HyperTHD for suggesting this. Today, I wanna talk about the popular dinosaur, Tyranitar. Ever since its debut in the 2nd generation, Tyranitar has always been a popular Pokemon that holds a lot of power. With solid stats, an impressive movepool and the ability to help out a team when needed, its no wonder Tyranitar made it far in every World Championship it was allowed in and is dominating the Smogon OU tier and VGC at this moment. Now lets dive in to its stats to see what really makes it so powerful. I'll talk about its Mega Evolution as that deserves a mention as well.

100 HP - A really solid stat to start off this article. 100 HP means that without the biggest amount of investment, you'll be taking a good amount of hits in or out of the Sand.
134-164 Attack (Non-Mega to Mega) - This is absolutely amazing. This means that you'll be doing amazing damage to threats without even breaking a sweat. And once you Mega Evolve, you'll be doing even more damage with ease with STAB moves and coverage moves.
110-150 Defense (Non-Mega to Mega) - One of its weaknesses is that its 4x weak to fighting attacks, which are primarily physically based. A 110 Defense stat means that while you won't be taking them, if you can get some Attack drops on those Pokémon and combine that with some bulk, you can turn OHKO's into 2HKO's. And after Mega Evolving, you gain 40 points and go up to base 150, which means you'll be taking them even better.
95 Sp. Attack (Non-Mega to Mega) - While Sp. Attacking Tyranitar was often thought of as a bad idea, in VGC2014, It suddenly risen to power because of the threat of Intimidate users. After Mega Evolving, the stat doesn't gain, so I don't recommend you use a Special Attacking Mega Tyranitar unless you want the defense and speed boost you get from it.
100-120 Sp. Defense - Tyranitar also has a problem with Water types since it takes Super-Effective damage from it. Luckily Sand improves stat and the ability to carry the Assault Vest means you can take them relatively well. After Mega Evolving, that gets even better, though you should watch out for Scald since a untimely burn can ruin your life.
61-71 Speed (Non-Mega to Mega) - A solid Trick Room stat means that Tyranitar can function in Trick Room very well since Collin Heier (theBattleRoom) got 11th at 2015 US Nationals with a Tyranitar under Trick Room and Alex Underhill (Lexicon) got Top 8 at the same tournament with a Tyranitar under Trick Room. Its also a good stat to combine with a Choice Scarf since you can get some really nice outspeeds at times since Aaron Zheng (Cybertron) got Top 4 at that same tournament with a Choice Scarfed Tyranitar. And once it Mega Evolves, even though it only gains 10 points, you can use Dragon Dance to get some really nice outspeeds while gaining even more insane attack power.

Overall, Tyranitar has some really solid stats. While I wish it has more Speed, i'm overall fine with it since Tyranitar has impressive stats overall. Now, I wanna go into the moves that Tyranitar gets that I believe are usable on Tyranitar. It has some really nice moves it has access to and I wanna show them off. Let's get into it.


  1. Rock Slide
  2. Dark Pulse 
  3. Crunch
  4. Stone Edge
  5. Ice Beam
  6. Protect
  7. Fire Blast
  8. Thunder Wave
  9. Assurance
  10. Dragon Dance
  11. Fire Punch
  12. Ice Punch
  13. Low Kick
  14. Superpower
  15. Sunny Day (Used by Ryosuke Kosuge to get 2nd at 2013 World Championships)
As you can see, Tyranitar has 15 moves that I believe can be a strong option. From support to either physical or special, Tyranitar has some diversity in moves that make it a strong, offensive threat. Now, let's dive in to my favorite part, the competitive sets. These will be some sets that Tyranitar can use very effectively. If there's an option between 2 moves, i'll go into them since they deserve a mention.

Choice Scarf Tyranitar 

Tyranitar @ Choice Scarf
Ability: Sand Stream
EVs: 4 HP/ 252 Atk / 252 Spe
Jolly Nature
- Rock Slide
- Crunch/ Assurance
- Ice Punch/ Ice Beam
- Superpower/ Low Kick

This is the standard Choice Scarf Tyranitar that most players opt to use. The reason is that the Choice Scarf takes advantage of Tyranitar's low speed and improves it drastically. You can expect this set on a Sand Team that doesn't opt for Trick Room and is more commonly seen with Excadrill or Landorus-I. The EV Spread is designed to take advantage of Tyranitar's powerful stats while helping it get some really nice outspeeds. Jolly nature is used over Adamant because since your Attack stat is so high and speed stat is still low, you trade the extra power for the extra speed, but the loss in power isn't that noticeable in battle. The moveset is pretty simple, but your Dark, Fighting and Ice attack changes depending on what you need. Rock Slide is your bread-and-butter of attacking moves. You can use Stone Edge, but I wouldn't recommend it since you lose out on the spread damage, but if your really afraid of Wide Guard, you can go for it. Crunch or Assurance is dependent on the team and what you prefer. If you want the outright damage, go for Crunch, but if your prepared to have Tyranitar attack after it's partner to get the boosted damage from Assurance, then Assurance is what you want. Ice Punch or Ice Beam is also dependent on your team and your personal preference as well. Ice Punch is useful to take advantage of its powerful attack stat, but Ice Beam is useful as it's not affected by Intimidate and because of your decent Sp. Attack stat, it makes for a strong stat. Superpower or Low Kick is the final toss-up. Superpower is useful for getting the KO on Kangaskhan and opposing Tyranitar. Low Kick is good too, but you don't get the KO on Kangaskhan, which is something to consider.

Lexicon's Trick Room Tyranitar

Tyranitar @ Weakness Policy
Ability: Sand Stream
EVs: 252 HP / 84 Atk / 84 Def / 4 SpA / 84 SpD
Brave Nature
IVs: 0 Spe
- Rock Slide
- Crunch
- Low Kick
- Protect

This is the Tyranitar used by Alex Underhill (Lexicon) to get Top 8 at 2015 US Nationals so i'll include his reasoning behind this pick "Tyranitar caused the most damage this Independence Day. Scarf variants of Tyranitar are weak and limiting. With Fighting, Dark and Rock coverage, there was a lot Pokemon Tyranitar could cover. The factor that sets my Tyranitar apart from most was the item choice. Weakness Policy activated many times throughout the event, nearly every set I played. Because Tyranitar has so many weaknesses, it gave me a lot of chances to set it off and dish out damage. Hyper Voice, Earthquake, Power-Up Punch, and Scald were some of the many moves that fail to OHKO Tyranitar, which gave Tyranitar the chance to OHKO back. My team lacks an effective way to deal with Kangaskhan, as it has only one fighting move. Low Kick either OHKOed Kangaskhan after it tried to Power-Up Punch me, or chipped it enough that Sandstorm damage would KO it in a couple of turns. Helping Hand from Cresselia also helped if Tyranitar could not get the Weakness Policy Boost. A +2 Attack Rock Slide or Crunch would do a lot of damage to Pokemon that did not resist it. Once my opponent knew about Weakness Policy, they had to fear setting it off or face the consequences. The Trick Room mode of the team was quite commanding during the event, and Tyranitar was the head of it. Often times I could lead with him, get a Weakness Policy boost, and wreak havoc one Trick Room was set up. He also helped out during the fast mode, as Excadrill can be quite lackluster without him. Two times I successfully activated my own Weakness Policy and benefited, which I’ll go into during the respective battles. Finally an EV spread I created on my own. 4 EVs were put into Sp Atk because they would be wasted elsewhere. Sadly Tyranitar sits at a base speed of 61, leaving him just above common Trick Room Pokemon and Aegislash. Despite that, having minimum speed ensured I always win the weather war, bar the uncommon Hail. I had a lot of goals for this Tyranitar when I first came up with the idea, so I could make as much use of Weakness Policy as possible. While it may look silly to have 84 EVs in 3 stats, it accomplished everything I wanted to.

Mega Tyranitar (Created on Eggy Emporium)

Tyranitar @ Tyranitarite
Ability: Sand Stream
EVs: 180 HP / 12 Atk / 132 Def / 4 SpD / 180 Spe
Jolly Nature
- Rock Slide
- Crunch
- Dragon Dance
- Protect

This is the Mega Tyranitar set that is currently on Eggy Emporium and currently use it on my teams, I'll show you what they say about this set, but keep in mind, it was created in VGC2014 so that's something to know "This is my personal Mega Tyranitar EV Spread, and I think it warrants some explanation. While it might seem strange to not fully capitalize on Tyranitar’s enormous Attack or boosted Speed, I find this spread to be more effective. The EV’s allotted into HP and Defense make Jolly Garchomp Earthquake Never 2hko after Mega Evolving. Additionally, with 252 EVs invested in Attack and an Adamant Nature, Mega Mawile Iron Head only OHKO’s Tyranitar 3/16 Times. Ray’s Mawile EV Spread does a maximum of 89 Percent with Play Rough. The move choices are the Standard ones, with both of Tyranitars STAB options, Dragon Dance and Protect. Ice Beam or Flamethrower could aid Tyranitars coverage, but it is difficult to give up a moveslot." Also, this set is best used with a Pokemon that has access to redirection. Amoonguss, Clefairy, Clefable, and Togekiss all jump in mind when I think off good Pokemon that compliment this Tyranitar with Rage Powder or Follow Me. You can use Pachirisu, but the issue with Earthquake users will be a issue you will have to face.

I hope you enjoy this Tyranitar analysis. I think it's an awesome Pokemon and I hope that it will continue to be used for its natural and offensive power it can provide to a team. I will see you next time in another article whether it be a individual Pokemon analysis or a general dicussion on a debate that many people have and which I give my opinion. See you later and I hope you come back. Bye everyone.


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