VGC Gothitelle Analysis

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Thanks again to HyperTHD for suggesting this. Today, were talking about the supportive powerhouse that dominates the floor with it's ability to trap opponents and let it's partner do all of its dirty work. That's right, today, i'm talking about Gothitelle. Gothitelle is a really powerful support Pokemon. Even though it's locked into a constant rivalry with Cresselia, Gothitelle's edge over Cresselia is its Hidden Ability of Shadow Tag, which locks other Pokemon in unless they are a ghost type or another Pokemon with Shadow Tag. Overall, Gothitelle is a really strong Pokemon and is a big threat when Cresselia isn't around. Now, I wanna go into it's base stats to show you how strong it can be.

70 HP - Pretty average. While there isn't anything to impressive in this stat alone, a solid HP stat combined with some good defensive stats means Gothitelle will be staying on the field for a decent amount of time
55 Attack - Not even worth talking about. This stat is bad and you shouldn't be relying on Gothitelle to be using physical base attacks.
95 Defense - A solid defense stat means that Gothitelle will be taking some good physical hits without major investment. The problem however is that Gothitelle will struggle with Dark types like Bisharp because most Gothitelle I've seen will only run a Psychic attack as there one way of doing damage.
95 Sp. Attack - Another solid stat. While most Gothitelle will invest more into bulk, this solid attacking stat means that Gothitelle will be doing some big damage to your Pokemon as long as they don't resist it or are immune to your move.
110 Sp. Defense - Impressive. This is Gothitelle's best stat and it also means that Gothitelle will be taking the biggest hits with only needing moderate investment to do so.
65 Speed - A pretty slow speed stat means that Gothitelle will be an amazing Trick Room setter and Pokemon. While you won't be looking for the biggest outspeeds, you will be helping your partner get the bigger outspeeds and do the major damage you need to help win the game.

Overall, Gothitelle has some solid stats and in battle, Gothitelle will shine the best as a Shadow Tag user and a great support Pokemon. Now, I wanna go into the moves that Gothitelle get that I believe are your best bet to succeed in the world.

Viable Moves

  1. Tickle
  2. Psyshock
  3. Psychic
  4. Charm
  5. Protect
  6. Rest
  7. Trick Room
  8. Heal Pulse
  9. Helping Hand
  10. Thunder Wave
As you can see, Gothitelle doesn't have the biggest amount of moves it can reliably use, but it does have the right moves it can use. One of Gothitelle's problems is that becuase for the most part, you'll be running 3/4 support moves, which means you'll be fearing Taunt users. But you also have enough supportive options to be a big threat if left alone. Now, lets go into some competitive sets. I don't have a personal set, but I will show off some Gothitelle sets that have been proven to work in the past. I'll be showing off SeJun Park's 2014 Worlds set, and Aaron Zheng's 2014 Worlds set. They're all really powerful sets and now, let's dive on into those sets.

Se Jun Park's Gothitelle 
Gothitelle @ Leftovers
Ability: Shadow Tag
EVs: 252 HP / 172 Def / 4 SpA / 76 SpD / 4 Spe
Calm Nature
- Psyshock
- Thunder Wave
- Tickle
- Protect

This is the set that was use by Gothitelle to get first place at the 2014 Pokemon World Championships in the Masters Division. I wanna show why he chose this Gothitelle and what it was able to do for his team. "Originally this team didn’t have Gothitelle, but I added it as a late response to new threats in the metagame. Gothitelle is very good for weakening the Pokémon Gyarados is weak against, such as Salamence and Mawile. I thought paralysis was incredibly useful in the metagame, so I wanted a second way to inflict it. Tickle was great for weakening my opponent’s physical attackers so that Gyarados or Talonflame could easily finish them off. Psyshock synergizes well with Tickle, and deals significant damage to Assault Vest Ludicolo. To be honest, I didn’t mess around with the EVs. Gothitelle has pretty good all-around stats. I knew that many opponents would have Choice Specs Hydreigon. Other Gothitelle users dealt with this problem by investing heavily into Special Defense. Rather than giving up Defense, my solution was to simply prevent the situation from occurring. Due to Shadow Tag, my opponent would have to lead with Hydreigon in order for the situation to occur. In response, I would lead with Gothitelle and Gardevoir and use Dazzling Gleam to immediately knock out Hydreigon. If they chose not to lead with Hydreigon, I had a variety of options. One common one was to lead with Gothitelle and Gyarados for Intimidate, switch Gyarados out to Pachirisu in order to weaken my opponent’s Pokémon with Tickle and Super Fang, then bring Gyarados back in to finish the job with Dragon Dance. I considered using Life Orb Gothitelle to defeat some threats. Even without using Competitive, I could have used Psyshock to OHKO Amoonguss. With Competitive, Gothitelle could knock out 252 HP Mega Mawile with Hidden Power Fire, which was fantastic! But then Gothitelle would always faint first to Sucker Punch." - Se Jun Park

Aaron Zheng's Gothitelle

Gothitelle @ Chesto Berry
Ability: Shadow Tag
Level: 50
EVs: 252 HP / 12 Def / 244 SpD
Sassy Nature
IVs: 0 Spe
– Psychic
– Rest
– Heal Pulse
– Trick Room

This is the set that Aaron Zheng used to get 18th Place at the 2014 World Championships. I'll be including what he said as he can explain it better than I can "When I looked at the list of viable Trick Room users this format, I knew that I wanted to build around Gothitelle. Shadow Tag is one of the best abilities in the game, and gives you a plethora of options while limiting your opponent’s. The EV spread and nature allows it to survive a Modest Choice Specs Dark Pulse from Hydreigon 100% of the time, which was, to me, the most important attack for Gothitelle to survive. The moveset and item choice is slightly different from the other Gothitelle used at Worlds, namely Sejun Park’s and Wolfe Glick’s. In fact, this Gothitelle is very similar to the Cresselia I brought to the 2013 Pokemon World Championships: they are both bulky, Psychic-type Trick Room users with Rest/Chesto Berry.
I opted for the ChestoRest set rather than Sitrus Berry or Leftovers because I was:
  1. Familiar with how it operated after using it on Cresselia last year
  2. I wanted Gothitelle to stay in the game as long as possible, and Sitrus Berry/Leftovers didn’t recover from attacks like Dark Pulse nearly as fast as Rest
  3. It gave me another way to check sleep (especially Amoonguss and Smeargle)
In the end, I didn’t regret my decision one bit. Going back to the Hariyama+Gothitelle lead, it was great getting a free Trick Room up the first turn while taking about 90% worth of damage with Gothitelle, just to heal it all back up the following turn with Rest while Hariyama OHKOed the attacker. (Specs Hydreigon, for example!) It also saved me from Amoonguss, which can give Trick Room teams quite some trouble.
Psychic was Gothitelle’s main and only means of offense, slightly stronger than its counterpart Psyshock. Trick Room was obviously what it was built around. And finally, Alex and I chose Heal Pulse as the 4th move, similar to Wolfe Glick’s Gothitelle. We felt that a well played Gothitelle+Kangaskhan or Gothitelle+Ferrothorn, in combination with Heal Pulse, created so many winning situations and our opponents often just did not have an answer. While I didn’t end up using the move at Worlds nearly as much as I would’ve liked, it was still a great choice. Sejun Park’s use of Tickle really fascinated me, and I do wish I tested that before Worlds because I feel like I would’ve ended up using that move instead, but there’s a reason why he won Worlds and I didn’t! Overall, Gothitelle was my favorite Trick Room user of 2014 because of its diverse movepool (ironic given the fact all four of my attacks were Psychic-type…) and an incredible ability, and was the cornerstone to this team." - Aaron Zheng

Overall, Gothitelle is a really strong Pokemon and can certainly be used.  I highly recommend you try it out and I hoped it helped you out with understanding Gothitelle. I'll see you next time in my next article whether it be a team analysis, individual Pokemon analysis, or just a article. Also, I hope you check out my other articles as they're pretty cool and fun to read. See you next time. Bye!


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