Guide to VGC Rain Teams (2015)

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After the success of my guide to Trick Room Teams, I decided to post this one on Rain Teams. It is my hope that you will gain a better insight on Rain teams in order to help you with building a Rain team for the Fall Regionals in October. Rain is a pretty cool strategy to build a team around and if done correctly, it'll have amazing results at the tournaments it makes an appearance at. Without further ado, lets start.

What is a Rain Team?

  • Rain Teams uses the weather Rain to beat out an opponent before they can do anything to stop it
  • Activated by either the ability Drizzle, or the move Rain Dance
Why use a Rain Team?
  • Increases the power of Water type moves by 50%
  • Allows the moves Thunder and Hurricane to bypass accuracy checks
  • Activates the abilities: Dry Skin, Forecast, Hydration, Rain Dish, Swift Swim
  • Decreases the power of Fire type moves by 50%
  • Weakens the effects of Solar Beam, Moonlight, Synthesis, and Morning Sun
How to know it's a Rain Team?
  • Rain Setter - Main job is to set up the weather
  • Rain Abuser - Main job is to take advantage of the Rain by ability or Fire coverage
  • Everyone Else - Main job is to help the Rain setter and abuser do their jobs
Now, i'll go into some examples of successful Rain teams in VGC from the time they were created and posted online for the world to see. It is my hope that you'll gain a better understanding of teams that used Rain in VGC and got success out of it.

Alex Ogloza's Rain Team
Accomplishments: 1st at 2014 US Nationals (Masters Division)
Rain Setter - Politoed
Rain Abuser - Ludicolo & Aegislash
Everyone Else - Talonflame, Aegislash, Kangaskhan, & Hydreigon

Paul Chua's Rain Team
Accomplishments: 10th at 2015 US Nationals
Rain Setter - Politoed
Rain Abuser - Ludicolo & Aegislash
Everyone Else - Thundurus, Terrakion, & Salamence

Ian McLaughin's Rain Team
Accomplishments: 5th at 2015 US Nationals (Senior Division)
Rain Setter - Politoed
Rain Abuser - Ludicolo & Mawile
Everyone Else -  Hydreigon, Gothitelle, & Landorus-Therian

Alexander Kuhn (Hibiki)'s Rain Team
Accomplishments: Top 4 at Arena Cup Würzburg and Top 64 at Italian and German Nationals
Rain Setter - Thundurus
Rain Abuser - Swampert, Aegislash
Everyone Else - Virizion, Volcarona & Landorus-Therian

Look for these Pokemon on a Rain Team

  • Rain Setter - Politoed (The only VGC legal Pokemon with the ability Drizzle), Pokemon with the ability Prankster that can learn the move Rain Dance, Pokemon that can learn the move Prankster
  • Rain Abuser - Omastar, Kabutops, Kingdra, Mega Swampert, Ludicolo, Goodra, Lapras, Gorebyss, Vaporeon, Tornadus, Ferrothorn, Scizor, Gastrodon, Aegislash
How to beat Rain Teams
  • Electric and Grass types since most on a Rain Team won't like dealing with them
  • Setting up other weather (Sand, Sun, Hail)
Well, that's the team. Overall, Rain is a very strong archetype. Like I'd said above, when pulled of correctly, it can destroy your opponent's team. I hoped you enjoyed reading this. This is my 2nd VGC Team Strategy Guide. If you have not seen it, go check out my VGC Trick Room Guide & I hope you'll stick around for my next article, whatever it may be. Bye. 


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