Guide to VGC Trick Room Teams (2015)

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Welcome. With the new VGC season starting up, many new players will be starting their very first season, looking to make a name for themselves within the community. With these players starting out, I thought that it would be a good idea to make a post talking about each type of team in the metagame you may face, discussing how everything you need to know about this team strategy. Without further ado, lets talk about Trick Room.

What is Trick Room

Trick Room is a move that reverses the speed of all Pokémon for 5 turns (including the turn it's set up). The slowest Pokémon will move before the last Pokémon. For example, Kangaskhan will use an attacking move after Gastrodon uses an attacking move.

Why should you use Trick Room

  • A good strategy to build a team around. Gives slower Pokémon a chance to do something before taking a hit.
  • Can either half Trick Room or full Trick Room
  • Half Trick Room - Half of the team is dedicated to using Trick Room while the other half functions outside of Trick Room
  • Full Trick Room - The entire team is dedicated to working under Trick Room
How to know it's a Trick Room Team

  • Setter - Main job is to set up Trick Room
  • Supporter - Main job is to help the setter do their job
  • Attackers - Main job is to rack up tons of damage before Trick Room disappears and hopefully win.
  • Fast Mode - Main job is to function outside of Trick Room (Isn't needed on a Trick Room team, but optional)

Examples of Successful Trick Room Teams (In order of creation) -  Now I'll share some examples of Trick Room teams that have had success in the past. This should help show how successful Trick Room Teams were built to help with your path on building a Trick Room team.

Nikolai Zielinski's Trick Room Team
Team -    
Accomplishments - 1st at 2014 Pokémon World Championships (Senior Division)
Setter - Gengar
Abuser - Mawile & Tyranitar
Fast Mode - Hydreigon, Garchomp & Rotom-Wash

Aaron Zheng's Trick Room Team
Team - 
Accomplishments - 1st at 2015 Philadelphia Regionals, 4th at 2015 Texas Regionals (Masters Division)
Setter - Gothitelle
Supporter - Hariyama (Fake Out)
Abuser - Gothitelle, Mawile, & Hariyama
Fast Mode - Rotom-Heat, Salamence, & Ludicolo

Collin Heier's Trick Room Team
Team - 
Accomplishments- 12th at 2015 US Nationals (Masters Division)
Setter - Cresselia
Abuser - Tyranitar & Escavalier
Fast Mode - Salamence, Rotom-Wash, & Heatran

Zach Dalton's Trick Room Team
Team - 
Accomplishments -  19th at 2015 US Nationals (Masters Division)
Setter - Cresselia
Supporter - Kangaskhan (Fake Out) & Thundurus (Support)
Abuser - Scizor & Rhyperior
Fast Mode - Kangaskhan & Thundurus

Raphael Bagara's Trick Room Team
Team -   
Accomplishments - 2nd at 2015 US Nationals (Masters Division)
Setter - Gardevoir
Supporter - Amoonguss
Abuser - Heatran & Scrafty
Fast Mode - Landorus-Therian & Thundurus

Alex Underhill's Trick Room Team
Team - 
Accomplishments - 8th at 2015 US Nationals (Masters Division)
Setter - Cresselia
Abuser - Gastrodon 
Fast Mode - Salamence, Rotom-Heat, Tyranitar, & Excadrill

Shoma Honami's Trick Room Team
Team - 
Accomplishments - 1st at 2015 World Championships (Masters Division)
Setter - Cresselia
Supporter - Amoonguss & Kangaskhan(Fake Out)
Abuser - Tyranitar & Heatran 
Fast Mode - Kangaskhan, Thundurus, & Landorus-Therian

Clive Lai's Trick Room Team
Team - 
Accomplishments - 6th at 2016 Gauteng Regionals
Setter - Cresselia
Supporter - Scrafty
Abuser - Heracross, Clawitzer, Ampharos, & Heatran

Look for these Pokémon in a Trick Room team

  • Trick Room Setters - Cresselia, Chandelure, Cofagrigus, Reuniclus, Porygon2, Bronzong, Aromatisse, Reuniclus, Slowbro, Slowking, Gourgeist, Gothitelle, Gengar, Bronzong etc. (Not Prankster as it turns Trick Room from -7 priority to -6 priority)
  • Trick Room Supporters - Scrafty, Hitmontop, Amoonguss, Mega Kangaskhan, Hariyama, etc.
  • Trick Room Attackers - Mega Mawile, Tyranitar, Sylveon, Azumarill, Conkeldurr, Escavilier, Mega Camerupt, Mega Abomasnow, Rhydon, Rhyperior, Heatran, Ferrothorn, Gastrodon, Mega Ampharos, Draglage, AND MANY MORE 

How to beat Trick Room?

  • Stop Trick Room from going up
    • Taunt
    • Fake Out
    • Sleep 
    • Serene Grace (Air Slash from Togekiss)
    • Confusion (The most unreliable)
  • KO the Trick Room setter before Trick Room goes up (Strong Attacks)
  • Win in Trick Room (Harder to do, but manageable
This is my guide on Trick Room. I hope you enjoy this. I plan to do one on each type of team strategy before the first set of Fall Regionals in the US, which take place each week in October.


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