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FAKE PG: Its Place in VGC2017

Welcome back to another article in this series, where the goal is to analyze cores that have had success in the format. Today, I wanna take a look at a newer core called FAKE PG, which has been very dominate since the beginning of May. It's a very prevalent team so I hope you enjoy this and let's begin.

What does FAKE PG even stand for  F: Tapu Fini A: Arcanine  K: Kartana E: An electric type of your choice  P: Porygon2 G: Gigalith  Why use this core? From digging into a Japanese VGC website called Emolgame, I was able to find 2 articles that provide reference to the team. The earliest article, linked here, shows Togedemaru on the team while a newer article, linked here, shows Tapu Koko on the team, both from a たぷりさ, a Japanese VGC player, which can easily suggest that this player is the original creator of FAKE PG. In short, FAKE PG operates as a "goodstuffs" team, putting strong Pokemon and cores together on 1 cohesive team. AFK (Arcanine, Tapu Fini, & Kartana) , whi…