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Drifblim + Tapu Lele: Its place in VGC 2017

Welcome back to another installment of the this VGC 2017 series, where the goal is to analyze a core that's performing very well in the  VGC 2017 format and tell you everything you need to know about it. Today, we'll be talking about Drifblim and Tapu Lele. Together, these two have been doing very well, so it's time to talk about why it's doing very well and give you the tools and knowledge necessary to beat it or use it.

Why use this core? Originally, Drifblim's use in this core was replaced by Mandibuzz. The reason is because Mandibuzz was also paired with Tapu Lele and held the Psychic Seed so it could get a +1 Sp. Defense boost and allow it to take hits better and support its team. Along the way, some people have realized that in theory, Drifblim could do its job better thanks to its Unburden ability, which means that after it uses its item, the Unburden ability activates and it'll get a major speed increase so it can use its support moves. Combine this wi…

VGC 2017 Pokémon Spotlight #8 Snorlax

Welcome back to the VGC 2017 Pokémon Spotlight, where the goal is to look at a Pokémon that's doing well in the metagame and take a look at it to give you an idea on how to use if the help is needed. Today, we're gonna look at Snorlax, the one that needed a PokeFlute through many main series Pokémon games to wake it up in order to watch it. Snorlax has had a lot of success in VGC recently due to great reason that we'll look at later so I hope you enjoy this and let's begin.

Base Stats

Looking at its stats, Snorlax's looks like it'll mostly rely on its impressive bulk. 160/65/110 is impressive as it makes it virtually impossible to KO Snorlax using special based hits and even gives it decent physical bulk, and thanks to its Normal typing which means it's only weak to Fighting moves, it's easy to support as you'll see later on. A 110 Attack stat is great as it means Snorlax will be hitting very hard and becomes a bulky behemoth that instantly becomes…

What we Learned: VGC17 Oceanic Internationals

With the VGC 2017 Oceanic International Championship over, it's time to once again examine what we learned from the event to possibly understand the events better and see them in a new light. There's quite a few things to look at and I hope you enjoy this. We saw Nick Kan win in Juniors, Carson St. Denis win in Seniors and Zoe Lou win in the Masters Division.

Link to the Top 32 teams: here

The Australian scene has some very strong Pokémon  Going into this event, it's been very obvious that Australian players are known for using very strong Pokémon. At the 2016 Australian Nationals, the Top 16 players shown a few very strong Pokémon. Arkie Owen used Ditto to finished 16th place, James Katsaros used Tanglea to finished 14th, Nicholas Bingham used Magikarp to finished 6th, and Joshua Matos used Gourgeist to finished 4th, so we knew that the Australian metagame is diverse. Going into this event and looking at the Top 32 players, we saw some interesting Pokémon that we're …

VGC 2017 Teambuilding Guide

Teambuilding in  the VGC 2017 format can be a tough job. In a limited format with roughly 270 Pokemon available for use in total, it can be difficult, especially when you realize that a Pokémon that can perfectly fit your team isn't available. This guide will attempt to help you understand this format much better and even build strong teams that can challenge the metagame. Hope you enjoy and let's begin.

 (I plan on building a team in this guide to show how the process works.)

Basic VGC 2017 Rules
All battles will be played with Pokemon Sun and Pokemon MoonDouble Battles (Bring 6, Pick 4)Alola Regional PokedexZ-Crystals AllowedMega Stones not AllowedSome Legendary and Mythical Pokemon banned, including Solgaleo, Lunala, Magerna10-minute player time system Now it's time to start with my actual team building strategy that I use with all of my teams.
Step 1: Building the Foundation 
Every good team that has found success in VGC started with a strong foundation, or an idea tha…