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Meet Team North America: VGC2017 World Championships

With the 2017 World Championships coming up very soon, its going to be a very strong event, as in order to qualify, the rigorous amount of CP needed to qualify was steep so it most definitely means that anyone who qualified is a threat. This year, 46 players will represent North America in the biggest event of the season. Let's find out who these 46 players are!

Nick Navarre - 1370 CP

Previous Worlds Qualifications: 2016

Qualified This Year Through: Top 8 Oceanic & North American Internationals, 1st Place at Virginia Regionals, Top 4 at Philiphedia, Dallas, & Collinsville Regionals

Nick is a very talented player for his breakout season. Throughout this season, he has been known for using some very interesting Pokemon and sets, most notably the Scope Lens Kartana in
Collinsville Regionals and Oceanic Internats, and the Chansey at North American Internats. Nick is first in CP and has earned a Day 2 invite so he'll be able to skip playing Friday and moves straight to Saturda…

FAKE PG: Its Place in VGC2017

Welcome back to another article in this series, where the goal is to analyze cores that have had success in the format. Today, I wanna take a look at a newer core called FAKE PG, which has been very dominate since the beginning of May. It's a very prevalent team so I hope you enjoy this and let's begin.

What does FAKE PG even stand for  F: Tapu Fini A: Arcanine  K: Kartana E: An electric type of your choice  P: Porygon2 G: Gigalith  Why use this core? From digging into a Japanese VGC website called Emolgame, I was able to find 2 articles that provide reference to the team. The earliest article, linked here, shows Togedemaru on the team while a newer article, linked here, shows Tapu Koko on the team, both from a たぷりさ, a Japanese VGC player, which can easily suggest that this player is the original creator of FAKE PG. In short, FAKE PG operates as a "goodstuffs" team, putting strong Pokemon and cores together on 1 cohesive team. AFK (Arcanine, Tapu Fini, & Kartana) , whi…