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VGC 2016 Review: How the Season Went

I want to talk about what happened during the VGC 2016 season overall. What happened throughout the entire season overall, whether it'd be controversial or quite boring. We'll start in January and end in August while only talking briefly about September-November as it isn't as important, but still needs to be covered. Hope you enjoy it and let's start by talking about the beginning of the season.
August 2015 --> December 2015 While nothing major happened, we got the 2016 CP payout for all events. The problem was that the CP payout wasn't to many players liking, so after talking to TPCi, it was changed and was much more reasonable. We also got word of a new type of event called a Midseason Showdown, which were essentially a type of event which is in the difficulty level between a Premier Challenge and Regionals. We then had our round of Fall Regionals and many players earned a large chunk of Championship Points and some players even passed 300 points, which would…

New Changes to the way we battle in Pokemon Sun and Moon

The Pokemon Company has dropped some major news on today and I want to talk about some big ones. While we did get the first evolved forms of the starter Pokemon, which all look cool and you can check them out here, we did get the first hint of news for the VGC '17 season and a new way to battle online, which I want to talk about. You can read the news yourself here.

No Mega Evolutions
Yes, your reading this correctly. Mega Stones will not be allowed for use in the VGC 2017 competitive season. This means that certain Pokemon that depended on their Mega Stone to be competitively viable like Charizard, Kangaskhan, and Mawile, will now need to depend on their natural strengths to be good. For other Pokemon like Gengar, Salamence, and Metagross, who were honestly still good without their Mega Stone won't be terribly disadvantaged. It'll be interesting to see how this changes the metagame and it may seem like more of a mix of VGC '13 without Mega Evolutions, a restricted form…

VGC Tips #5: Leveling up in VGC

Time to talk about leveling up in VGC, or improving your game, but leveling up sounds cooler. Now that I did 3 articles talking about improving some key aspects in VGC like team preview, Best of 3 play, and teambuilding, I want to talk about how you can get better at VGC on your way to becoming a top player. Let's get started and I hoped you learn something from this.

Legal Pokemon are Important
This is very important as once you lock your team in at tournaments that require you to lock your battle box for the team your using that day, you can't change it and if you don't know if your Pokemon are legal, then you may get hack checked and if even one Pokemon isn't legal, then you'll be automatically disqualified and won't be refunded if there was an entry fee. You can check out this article here from Bulbapedia to know every Pokemon that was given out as an event. Most will be in a Cherish Ball, which is the special event Pok√© Ball they'll be caught in. Make s…