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VGC Metagame Changes Episode 4: Nationals and stuff

It's time to talk about things that are going on in the current VGC metagame. Some things are getting more popular while others are starting to fad out. Since I'm not the best with intros, let's start with the first change that's going on in the current VGC season since Episode 3 was published.


After Alex Gomez won the 2016 UK Nationals in a close game with Ethan Hall, players started to look at his team and see if there's anything they really liked about his team to try on their team and improve it. Alex's Cresselia was a big one that players really enjoyed. Even though Alex ran a Dual Primals team, his Cresselia had a lot of tricks. The use of Icy Wind and Thunder Wave provided Cresselia with effective ways to use multiple forms of speed controls. Icy Wind helped both of his Primals to use their powerful spread moves like Water Spout, Origin Pulse, Eruption, and Precipice Blades to utterly destroy teams with precision. Also, the use of Thunder Wave …

2016 Madison Regionals Preview

I'll be writing up a preview article for the upcoming Regional in Madison. I hope to do a good job and will try my best. If you can't make it out to the tournament that weekend, you can watch the stream from home, which will be linked down below. 
Difficulty Rating: 3 types of competing weather / 5   / 5 Location: 1 John Nolen Dr. Madison, WI 53703   Registration time: 8am - 9:30am Last year's winner: Collin Heier (TheBattleRoom)  Link to the Senior Division Preview Article for all US Spring Regionals: Link Link to the Official Stream: Link
Madison will be streamed in the 2nd week of the US Spring Regionals season, which will be happening for both Saturday and Sunday. Players from all across the Midwest will be traveling here, looking to earn CP to get ever closer to a Day 1 Worlds invite, as well as players from other places in the country, which will make it for a very strong tournament. Unlike last year, this tournament will operate with the Swiss rounds being all Best of 3, wh…