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VGC '16 Team/Core Showcase #5: Gravity Spam

Welcome to another edition to the VGC '16 Team/ Core Showcase, where we show a team or core that has been doing well in the VGC '16 metagame. Today, we'll be talking about Gravity Spam. Gravity Spam is a type of team that use very inaccurate moves like Blizzard and Precipice Blades to put mess with opponents during the couple of times that your Gravity is up to try and destroy your opponent to win the game or games. I'll first start off by talking about why you should consider trying out this style of team.

The Pokémon we'll be covering in Gravity Spam today (NOT A TEAM)

Why use Gravity Spam
Gives you an opportunity to use less-accurate moves that normally don't see much useYou can incorporate a nice Trick Room mode if need beEncourages a more hyper-offensive style of play Now I'll go into some examples for each Pokémon that is listed above. It'll take some time, but I feel that doing this will help make sure that each Pokémon listed above gets proper re…