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VGC '16 Pokemon Spotlight #7: Rayquaza

Hi everybody. Welcome to Pokemon Spotlight, where we shine a spotlight on a Pokemon each time and try to do our best with what we can do. Today, the spotlight is going to be on Rayquaza. Rayquaza has some amazing things it can do, as well as being a mini-boss in Super Smash Bros. Brawl during the Subspace Emissary, which is great. Without further ado, this is Pokemon Spotlight #7: Rayquaza. Let's start with base stats.
Rayquaza 105 HP           150 Sp. Attack 150 Attack       90 Sp. Defense 90 Defense       95 Speed
Rayquaza has some pretty simple stats. For its defenses 105/90/90 are pretty frail which means that your Rayquaza will have to accept its fraility. 150/150 for offenses are really great since you can either go physical, special, or mixed as an attacker and still do well. 95 speed is awkward since why you outspeed the Primals, you Speed tie with Kyurem and are outspeed by Xerneas which means Speed control is very important for Rayquaza to do its job.
Mega Rayquaza 105 HP      …

VGC '16 Pokemon Spotlight #6: Mewtwo

Hey everyone. Welcome to the Pokemon Spotlight, where we'll shine the light on a Pokemon you'll encounter so you'll know how to deal with them. Today, we'll be shining that light on Mewtwo. Mewtwo is a very famous Pokemon, getting a main part in 3 Pokemon movies, appearing in 2 Smash Bros. games, and getting 2 Mega Evolutions too his name. But in all seriousness, Mewtwo is an awesome Pokemon that has some cool things he can do. Let's see how cool they actually are by checking out the Base Stats for Mewtwo and both of its forms.


106 HP         154 Sp. Attack
110 Attack     90 Sp. Defense
90 Defense   130 Speed

Normal Mewtwo has some amazing stats. 106/90/90 isn't as bulky as it could be, but Mewtwo isn't mean to take hits, it's meant to dish out damage, and with 110/154 for those offenses, you'll most certainly be doing that very well.
Tip: Slap a Life Orb and you can do more damage than both of it's Mega Evolutions.

Mega Mewtwo X

106 HP     …

VGC '16 Restricted Legends Tier List

Hey people. I thought that since the last Restricted Legend tier list on the NB forums didn't turn out as well in the public eye (no offense to the dude who made it), I though I try my hand at one. Because I had trouble with it at first, I looked to Ray Rizzo's tier list he made at the very beginning of the season, which helped out a lot. If you have any opinions on how it should be, then voice your opinions in the fabulous comment section as I love to read comments. Without further ado, here it is. I will put the tier, followed by a brief description on my reasoning behind each decision. Let's start. 

S+ Tier:  Reason -- P-Groudon has impressive stats, good physical bulk though lackluster Sp. Defense. For a moveset, the ability to go for a Special, Physical or Mixed set and still succeed is impressive, which is why it's this high. Xerneas is this high because it can use 1-turn Geomancy when holding the Power Herb to get + 2 in Sp. Attack, Sp. Defense, and Speed. After t…

VGC '16 Pokemon Spotlight #5: Yveltal

Hey everyone. After our Xerneas, I thought it's high-time I hit the Pokemon that is the opposite of death after going for the life Pokemon. Yveltal is a very cool Pokemon, being able to use its ability, nice stats, and solid movepool for the roles it can perform. Now, because I don't have anything else important to say, let's go into those stats for everyone's favorite Bacon Bird.


126 HP         131 Sp. Attack
131 Attack.   98 Sp. Defense
95 Defense    99 Speed

On the surface, Yveltal has some awesome stats. 126/95/98 is some amazing defensive bulk and the potential to take major hits is incredible. 131/131 is cool and amazing, but most Yveltal are Special attackers, but physical is a cool option. 99 Speed is awkward since you underspeed base 100's, which is weird. Now that I realize it, Yveltal and Xerneas have the same stats, do that's cool to consider since even though they have the same stats, they use them in different ways. Now, I wanna go into the…

VGC '16 Pokemon Spotlight #4: Dialga

Happy New Years everyone. Hope you enjoyed your 2015 and I hope you have an awesome 2016. Now, our first article on this blog will be an analysis on Dialga. Dialga was a very powerful Pokemon back in the 2010 season as a Trick Room setter and will certainly be doing that this season. Now, let's start by looking at the base stats to see the make-up of this Pokemon


100 HP          150 Sp. Attack
120 Attack     100 Sp. Defense
120 Defense     90 Speed

On the surface, Dialga has some nice stats. 100/120/100 is really solid since you can take some good hits without to much defense investment and focus more on your offenses, which are one of it's main selling points. While 120 Attack may be solid, the lack of strong physical moves makes this stat pretty irrelevant, but still not the worst. The 150 Sp. Attack is your best bet with strong special moves to use to get the most out of your Dialga. 90 Speed is pretty solid. With access to Trick Room and the possibility to do some…