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Guide to VGC Perish Trap Teams

Hey everybody. I decided to this analysis on a team strategy that can be annoying to play, but is still good none the less. That's right, i'll be talking about Perish Trap. For those of you who don't know, or just want a simple refresher on this, then this is something for you to read. Hope you enjoy it and let's dive on in to this guide.

What is Perish Trap? Uses the move Perish Song to make sure any Pokemon that here's the song will faint in 3 turnsAdds the ability Shadow Tag to make sure they can't escape Combines to become the Perish Trap we all know & sometimes love Why use a Perish Trap Team? Gives certain Pokemon a new way to shine or gives them any relevancy in the metagameA fun way to use certain Pokemon Great for climbing the low ladder on Pokémon Showdown or the Rated Doubles Ladder in-game How to know it's a Perish Trap Team? Perish Song users - Sets the stage for the Shadow Tag user to do it's thingShadow Tag users - Locks the target in f…

VGC Latios Analysis

Hey everyone. I decided to do this because I feel like Latios is very underated in this format. While it does have a 6 weaknesses, Pokémon like Tyranitar have 7 but still receives a ton of play. It has good stats, an amazing design, and a Mega Evolution, but I won't go to in depth as a normal Laitos with a Life Orb hits harder than its Mega, but can still be cool to run if you want to. I'll cover Latias at a later date, but for now, welcome to my Latios analysis. Let's start with the base stats.

VGC Trivia: In the 5th Generation, Latios was a dominant threat. This was because it held the Dragon Gem and fired off Draco Meteors taking out entire teams.

80 HP (non-Mega to Mega) An average HP stat, Latios won't be taking to many hits, but that's ok as you'll see later, Latios can pack a major punch.
90-130 Attack (non-Mega to Mega) While 90 Attack on normal Latios is very bad compared to its Special Attack, 130 on Mega Latios means it can be a dangerous Pok…

VGC Metagame Changes: Episode 1 - The New and Popular Crowd

Welcome to a new series. The idea of this series is to examine the VGC metagame, point out the changes in the metagame, and show them to you. Today, we'll be talking about the new Pokemon that have been gaining popularity, why they have, and some popular sets that players have been using, as well as a link if available. Without further ado, let's dive into this by talking about a team strategy that has been getting popular. 
Smeargle & Tauros Smeargle & Tauros is a strategy that has been gaining massive popularity throughout the world. Created by Shinon64, a Japanese VGC player, the idea of this team is to use Storm Throw Smeargle to activate Tauros' Anger Point ability to get it to +6 Attack. After that, you use Tauros' good attack stat and decent speed to dish out high powered attacks and win the battle. The Tauros also carries the Kee Berry to increase its Defense, making it a very powerful threat. This has been used by Zach Drogekamp (Braverius) to win 2 P…