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VGC Gengar Analysis

Welcome. Today, in the spirit of Halloween, I've decided to cover my favorite and the first ever ghost type, Gengar. Being the first ghost type comes with a lot of responsibility since whoever it is will be setting the stage for all future ghost types as either a major threat, or a total weakling that will be disrespected by all other types. Luckily, Gengar did that job perfectly as a strong ghost type, which is why I want to coverage on him. Without further ado, let's dive in to my coverage of Gengar.

Base Stats
60 HP - While not being the highest, Gengar doesn't need it to be higher because the way you'll be playing it doesn't call for more bulk, although that would be nice.
65 Attack (Non-Mega to Mega) - Not even going to talk about it. Gengar is a Special Attacker so that low attack means that you'll be using special based attacks more often and it has a wider special movepool than physical so that's pouring salt into the wound on why it shouldn't be u…

VGC Gothitelle Analysis

Thanks again to HyperTHD for suggesting this. Today, were talking about the supportive powerhouse that dominates the floor with it's ability to trap opponents and let it's partner do all of its dirty work. That's right, today, i'm talking about Gothitelle. Gothitelle is a really powerful support Pokemon. Even though it's locked into a constant rivalry with Cresselia, Gothitelle's edge over Cresselia is its Hidden Ability of Shadow Tag, which locks other Pokemon in unless they are a ghost type or another Pokemon with Shadow Tag. Overall, Gothitelle is a really strong Pokemon and is a big threat when Cresselia isn't around. Now, I wanna go into it's base stats to show you how strong it can be.

70 HP - Pretty average. While there isn't anything to impressive in this stat alone, a solid HP stat combined with some good defensive stats means Gothitelle will be staying on the field for a decent amount of time
55 Attack - Not even worth tal…

VGC Tyranitar Analysis


Welcome. Thanks to HyperTHD for suggesting this. Today, I wanna talk about the popular dinosaur, Tyranitar. Ever since its debut in the 2nd generation, Tyranitar has always been a popular Pokemon that holds a lot of power. With solid stats, an impressive movepool and the ability to help out a team when needed, its no wonder Tyranitar made it far in every World Championship it was allowed in and is dominating the Smogon OU tier and VGC at this moment. Now lets dive in to its stats to see what really makes it so powerful. I'll talk about its Mega Evolution as that deserves a mention as well.

100 HP - A really solid stat to start off this article. 100 HP means that without the biggest amount of investment, you'll be taking a good amount of hits in or out of the Sand.
134-164 Attack (Non-Mega to Mega) - This is absolutely amazing. This means that you'll be doing amazing damage to threats without even breaking a sweat. And once you Mega Evolve, you'll be doing…

Infernape vs. Blaziken: Who do you Choose?

Welcome. Per the request of another awesome NuggetBridge user by the name of  AlphaArroz, I will be talking about a question I've seen asked a lot and give my take on the matter. Infernape and Blaziken are 2 fire-fighting Pokémon introduced in the 3rd and 4th gen competitively. Since they can do very similar, if not the same thing in VGC, people often wonder who is better. Well the wait is over. Without further ado lets get into it. I wanna start by talking about their base stats and after each section, i'll rate each one and give each Pokemon a letter grade. The Pokemon with the best overall grade will be the winner.

My Letter Grade System
"A" is amazing and doesn't need to change.
"B" is great, but could leave a very small change.
"C" is  average and can use some change.
"D" is pretty bad and could use a major change
"F" is terrible and in need of serious change,


Infernape's stats scream a frail,…

Pokémon Team #3: VGC2016 Charizard Y/ Venusaur Team

Hey everyone. I've recently been playing with this team & I've absolutely loved it. This is definitely a team I recommend you try out or at least this team's strategy and if I need a team for Nationals, Regionals, or any tournament in the future,  I will definitely consider using this type of team. Without further ado, lets get into how this team came to be as I put a lot of thought into using this team and the final 6 Pokemon I came up with.


I originally started off with this team core of Charizard/Venusaur. I had the hardest time figuring out what I wanted to bring, so I went with something I knew I could play well with.

I added Landorus-Therian because Landorus-T had an amazing matchup with Heatran, but I did prepare for Heatran with the Charizard/Venusaur core so Heatran isn't the bane of my existence with it,

I added Thundurus as my main way of Speed control. I may be mean person, but I wanted to use "hax" to my advantage since i…