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VGC Mega Blatoise Analysis

Hi and welcome to a new little series on the blog. I will be covering Mega Evolutions and Pokemon that I have used and think are viable in this format. Today, I'll be talking about Mega Blastoise. Ever since Blastoise got a Mega Evolution, its viability in VGC has gone up a lot. Upon mega evolving, it gains a massive boost to its Sp. Attack, which brings up to base 135. That and the Mega Launcher ability, which powers up all aura and pulse moves, and you have a threat. It also gets some really good moves that work with its ability, including Water Pulse, Aura Sphere, Dragon Pulse, Dark Pulse, and even Heal Pulse. It's also very bulky. With 79 HP, 120 Defense, and 115 Sp. Defense, it'll be taking multiple hits with the right investment.

Notable Moves to run on Mega Blastoise
1.Water Pulse
2.Hydro Pump
3.Flash Cannon
4.Ice Beam
7.Dark Pulse
8.Aura Sphere
9.Dragon Pulse
10.Fake Out
11.Water Spout
12.Icy Wind
As you can see, Mega Blastoise has multiple moves it can effect…

VGC '16 Championship Point System

I thought I post this to not only help me with this knowledge, but to also help you if you want to see it. This is the system that all sanctioned Pokemon tournaments run by the Pokemon Company will use for the VGC tournaments in the 2015-2016 season.
This Point System will be be used at the following tournaments

Select Online CompetitionsPremier ChallengesPremier Challenges with 65 or more players will receive elevated status and award more pointsMidseason ShowdownsRegional ChampionshipsNational Championships
Points Required to Qualify for the World Championships
Information regarding the point qualification system for the 2016 World Championships in San Francisco, CA will be released at a later time. I will update this once this information is revealed.

Understanding the Championship Point System
Each Championship Series event will have a Best Finish Limit. This is the maximum number that can be count for that series, with higher-scoring placing lower scores. For example, if you in 8 Pre…